Bed Bugs in the weirdest places


Bed Bugs can show up in the strangest places and cause you to be creeped out just thinking about them. I’ve heard about them in movie theaters, libraries and shelters across the US. So if you notice anything while out, please bring it to the attention of the owner or manager. “VA man says he got bedbugs at movies” , “Bed Bugs discovered at Detroit Medic EMS unit and in ambulances“.

Bed Bugs don’t travel well on your person, but they make every attempt at riding home on clothes, purses or backpacks. Check out some info at “All things Bed Bugs” a site by National Pest Management Association.

12_Bed Bug Nymphs





Did you know?

All 50 States have reported Bed Bugs.

Bed Bugs can go several months without food.

To date there are no reports of Bed Bugs transmitting diseases.

Bed Bugs don’t care how clean your home is, they will inhabit both clean and dirty. If your home is cluttered it makes it more difficult to find them.


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