A word of caution – Don’t stack wood against your foundation.

I know you want to party but these are not the guests you want at your party. Termites will seek every opportunity to gain access into your home or business. Why then would you give them an invitation in?

A few tips:

  1. Don’t stack firewood against the structure, pallets or wood of any kind.
  2. If you must the put on blocks but don’t let it touch the house.
  3. Firewood may attract more than termites, like carpenter bees and ants.
  4. Cover the wood if possible, let it have a chance to dry.
  5. When needing the firewood, bring in only what you need and if you don’t use it take it out. PowerPost beetles and other insects love to overwinter in the logs and if it get warm they think its Spring.

1st picture mud tube on foundation slab, 2nd picture the corner of pallet as it came into contact with foundation slab, 3rd entire pallet has termites.

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