Save money home-seal and keep the bugs out

Save money

Do you want to save money? Home sealing is a critical and often overlooked piece of pest control! Sealing can save you money in the long run by saving on electricity and seeing fewer insects within the home or business. If you do a few things you can help yourself, blacklight to reduce numbers on your property. Pest control will help to reduce the food prey, which means that the scorpions may move on. Keeping clutter away from or reduced prevents hiding areas. Home-sealing prevents them from getting in.

We require an estimate, where we will look for entry points & propose a fix. For a typical home of 150 lineal feet (outside perimeter) your price would be $600 instead of $900 = a savings of $300! This includes a return visit to check caulking. Enter your contact information on the form to claim your coupon for $2 off per lineal foot!



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