Happy Halloween! Boo!

Halloween and the scary pests!

Halloween probably began as a Pagan celebration and originated from Celtic harvest festivals. Over the years, more and more people have added touches of the things that scare them, like cockroaches, roaches, bats and rats, snakes etc. I’ve seen candies that are shaped like all kinds of bugs to spiders. Which scare me to death, the spiders of course. So think about the costumes, parades and the tons of candy which the little Goblins are really looking.

The one thing I’m not real crazy about is those clowns. I’m not frightened by them they just creep me out, but no more than spiders freak me out. Tough exterminator putting on the front of a Professional, right?



[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZJwmik7Oog[/embedyt]


  1. Bryan

    These videos are great. My daughter Paige loves watching them too. She wants to know why you are Dr Bug?

    • Keith

      Dr. Bug came about as a result of the U.S. Post Office, we became a Contract Post Office in 2007. We noticed all the children being brought in with their parents. We decided to bring in some bugs, reptiles etc and soon they were asking for someone to talk about the bugs. Dr. Bug became that guy.

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