Holidays of Giving

Holidays of Giving – Fisher House (Arizona)

The Son’s of the American Legion, Detachment of Arizona is involved with this organization and I highly recommend this charity. If you have a little extra cash, I’m sure it would benefit this group immensely. Thank You.

Mission Statement
Charities Helping American Military Patriots…

A nonprofit organization, created for the collection of donated monetary funds from the public. To be used for an identified cause that supports veterans and their families.

Our Goals

To provide a simple and covenant method of collecting and disseminating donated funds to a designated cause, event or charity that has been approved by the Board of Directors. Maintain a transparent and honest working relationship with supporters of the foundation. To maintain a secure handling of all proceeds that are entrusted into the foundation. Ensuring that such proceeds are distributed to the designated cause, event or charity.

Our Objective
Public trust is of the utmost important success to our mission. The foundation does not have any paid employees. All of the Board of Directors are volunteers, dedicated to the success of the foundation. The foundation will maintain proper records and meeting minutes according to the Arizona Corporation Commission. Our 501(c)3 status is located on the Arizona Corporation Commission website under C.H.A.M.P. Foundation # 22113237. All funds that are received, deposited and distributed will be accurately documented and recorded through the foundation financial branch opened in the name of CHAMP Foundation in Tucson Arizona. A Confirmation Letter of Receipt will be mailed to all donors which will include the C.H.A.M.P. Foundation EIN # for tax deduction purposes.

Holidays of Giving



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