Amera Atomic warranties

Amera Atomic warranties

Amera Atomic warranties…/valley-residents-complain-of-worthl…

I’ve seen this happen time and time again, that is why ProBest Pest Management doesn’t sell 5 or 10 years warranties. This is unfortunate and I empathize with the customers.
To that end here is a possible fix by a reputable long term no nonsense BBB A+ company.

If you currently have a warranty with this company – we can’t give it away for FREE – but pay ProBest $50 per year, if you have an occurrence of termites pay an additional $50 for treatment if you have termites and ProBest will honor the remainder of the term, when current term is over we will charge you $110 for as long as you continue to pay * see ProBest contract. #termite #Amera #AmeraPestControl #Atomic

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