Mosquito vs Crane Fly, have you seen these giant flying winged things? I get calls frequently on mosquitoes and they are the size of Mothman. Good news, they are Crane Flies and only live a few weeks here in Arizona, normally coming out in March and April. I want to thank Catchmaster for their infographic on this pests. We use a few products mostly snap mouse/rat traps and multi-catch mouse devices.

They are more of a nuisance than anything else, just resting on a wall near your front or back porch. They then get sucked into the home via that door. Since they look so much like a mosquito they start thinking its a giant mosquito. We have many other things in Arizona to worry about like Africanized Honeybees, Iron cross Blister Beetles, rodents and the list goes on. So when it comes to Mosquito vs Crane fly, if its small = mosquito and large = Crane Fly.

These bugs fit into what we call occasional invaders, these are bugs/pests that make it into the home infrequently. These also include earwigs, silverfish and chinch bugs (this time of year). So by keeping your yard free of weeds, can greatly increase your odds against these bugs making it inside. There are a lot of bugs, and we can prevent them by doing just a few things. This program is called IPM or Integrated Pest Management

The great thing about this program, you can help. Follow the link to ways to prevent pests from getting in.

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