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Shop Local – Invest in your community!

So as if it wasn’t bad enough, this Covid -19 thing hits. The big boys can weather the storm but what about the little guys, and what about the servers, waiters and small local Mom and Pops employees. One thing I started doing was tipping those folks a little better, OK I’m not rich but I’m trying to start somewhere. When I’m at my office we go out to lunch, we are constantly thinking of new places and sometimes we hit gold. One place is Geno’s Pizza Republic¬†and

Trying Times:

There are going to be trying times for all of us, many have lost their jobs or been forced to cut hours. I know, I know these commercials we are stronger, we are a team. They are just words and we must put the action into place, strengthen the economy and help the small businesses. Remember those chains have big bucks behind them, the local small guy (just like you) are living that paycheck to paycheck. We have employees and we know how it hurts, so remember them as you get out and about.

Where did the bugs Go:

By the way, bugs and rodents didn’t go away during this issue. If anything they encountered something unusual – no people discarding food and waste everywhere. The rodents in New York began feeding on each other and things they normally wouldn’t feed on. So tough times for all, do encourage waste and if learn anything from this – think of the food we waste. I saw on tv that we waste 24 pounds of food each month. Just think of the real homeless and those kids that go to bed hungry every night. While I’m on this rant here is a group feeding America’s children – I’m all about spending money here in the US versus anywhere else, and I do care about the world let’s fix it here first. Shop Local!

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