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So do you go to Starbucks or Dutch Brothers for coffee everyday? I’m not here to discuss finances but sometimes I’m surprised when I quote $45 monthly or $45 EOM or Quarterly for Pest Control. I surprised when they say “wow that much”? I heard on a radio station where the host mentioned he found a tree trimmer for palms for $45 – did that guy have insurance? Guarantee if he fell he would go against your homeowners insurance. All of us understand the importance of insurance, licensing etc. So please make sure they have it. In our business we must carry insurance and be licensed. It costs money to provide a service.

Monthly Pest Control – I’ve noticed lately people are getting quite inventive on pest control selling. One item I noticed this week is that they tell you its only $25 monthly but then they say we are only going to show every 3 month – total = $300 so don’t get duped into signing up when ProBest service is $45 any way you want it. Quarterly or Qtr Pest Control with ProBest Pest Management is $180.

Some companies also upsell the Every other Month and Quarterly saying they take longer but you can only do so much. Scorpions require some extra work and Quarterly service based on how long the chemical last, how much sun it gets and if anything is digging up dirt may not work. Stay tuned for a product that may help with all this. I’ll post as soon as I can reference to this product.

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