Spray on glass

Spray on glass = No Scorpions

Years ago in my other life I was in Australia looking at new termite technology. They had designed a PVC delivery system. It was far superior to anything I had seen but cost wise probably not affordable. I think most builders and homeowners think that just any termiticide would be fine and that in general the way that actually works. If I had a chance to build my own home – Termidor would be the pretreat material. Ideally the above system could be used to inject termiticide under the home because eventually the termiticide degrades.

This new spray on glass like technology is similar to the story above with one exception – the pricing is affordable. The greatness of this product is that it is fairly easy to apply and last for about 3 years. Ideally you also want no bushes or trees to touch the home. This also cuts down on ants and roaches getting in that way. The spray on glass prevents scorpions from climbing and is my product of choice for assisting with scorpions. They also stay in the treated pesticide zone longer and because of that hard exoskeleton it has the ability to be exposed longer.

I’ve been extremely lucky never been stung by a scorpion, many honeybees but not a scorp. So whenever I heard that a child has been stung I always cringe. This is what motivated the team at ScorpionRepel.com to come up with a real life plan. Call ProBest today to set up your FREE QUOTE and get that pain behind you 480-831-9328 or 623-414-1076



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