Sometimes squirrels, wildlife, animals and critters can just be to much. They can encroach on your home because of construction in the area or because they were chased out of somewhere else. Sometimes it really isn’t their fault, they just don’t have other options.

In this case a squirrel has decided to borrow under a shed and then continue under some synthetic grass. The problem is that creates unsightly holes and burrow runs. It can also creates holes not easily seen and children and older folks might fall and break something. The unfortunate problem is that the squirrel has to go, normally this isn’t an issue. But in case the homeowner tried many techniques and now the critter is gun shy. Traps, bait etc won’t work, they just will not fall for the simple stuff any longer. Rodents especially rats are neophobic, they don’t care for change and will avoid new things.  Mice on the other side are curious and will investigate new things in their environment.

Rodents and snakes

Remember also that rodents including squirrels are the prey of snakes, so the more rodents, ground squirrels may mean more snakes. Squirrels are warm blooded and they carry ticks and other parasites, and don’t hand feed them. I’ve seen many a place that had them removed because someone was careless. Remember the word, WILDLIFE! I’m still amazed when I see a story from Yellowstone about somebody getting close to a Bison.  Montezuma’s Castle off I-17 had squirrels until someone fed them peanuts and the squirrel got a little to close. A finger got in the way and now all the squirrels have been moved. Unfortunate for all of us.

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