Birds & Pigeons

Birds & Pigeons

Birds & Pigeons I have to say I’m not a big fan of  pigeons but birds in general are OK but in my line of work they just cause problems. Woodpeckers are like my nemesis. We build and we build without any thought to their homes etc. Termites, they love wood and what do we do, we make homes out of wood. Building goes up and the first complaint, the pigeons are pooping on us – in our outside eating areas to our business luncheon areas. I guess its just like me thinking about how we do our business? Sidebar – its like those garage cabinets, they are built in place – why staple the bottom board down? Gravity will keep it there, but termite work would be better if it wasn’t stapled or nailed down. Just sayin!

At some point, you’re going to say enough is enough. There are a number of new technologies available today to mitigate those pesky things. There are devices that continuously move, (a requirement for birds) they will get accustomed  to devices that don’t move. Holographic devices that shine & detract the bird into thinking that a predatory bird came between them and the sun. Almost anything can be fixed, I was told recently that another company had said nothing could be done. It might take a few tries but something can always be done.

I think the key is, it needs to move. Stationary owls don’t do it, flashing things must move to flash and if its woodpeckers you may have to try and try again.


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