Pigeon hideouts

Pigeon hideouts

Boy it’s a pain when pigeons or birds set up your house as their house. Those birds won’t leave unless they are made to leave. It’s something called generational and that basically means that once born on your roof they will continue to stay FOREVER. They give birth, they raise their young and their young will stay on that roof.

So we call it exclusion, we use hardware cloth (not chicken wire) it’s the stuff that looks like fencing. We cut it at angles and secure it to the roof line inĀ  manner that looks professional and neat. I have seen many DIY jobs that look like crap, honestly. HOA’s can be very picky so its imperative to be judicious in design and work. I’m going to mention chicken wire again, don’t do it. It looks terrible and when people come to your to buy it – they won’t. Spend the extra money and hire a Professional expert to to do it right.

There is nothing worse than someone arriving at your front door – being greeted by poop. They then track it into your home. Then people lay on the floor or your dog tracks it deeper into the house. Call a Pro… Call the Best. ProBest! 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

By the way now is the time to do Pigeon work – it’s cooler.

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