Tank Stand

Tank Stand

The tank stand is there for your Hot water Tank. It is enclosed and we often fail to see any termites. We have noticed in our travels that 5 out of 10 have issues that are hidden. Therefore we are including a bath-trap access panel in all our termite treatments if applicable. The stand is generally located in the garage and hides the plumbing access from the concrete. Any penetrations through the concrete are potential threats from termites. Those termites have nothing better to do, then try to access your concrete foundation or slab looking for food = wood.

By the way I had someone mention mention – my house is block and can’t be eaten. Big news, there are things inside and the roof is generally wood. I’ve seen them eat pictures, painting and stuff in the garage, nothing is off limits. Don’t fall for that “My house is safe from termites”, maybe better equipped but watch out. There is a saying “Its not a question of if, but when”.

Termites are active in Arizona year round, but more active during or just after Monsoon. More water = more termite or bug activity.

Termite damage

Termites cause over 5 billion in damages each year in the US, more on the East Coast then Arizona. I think mainly due to the lack of water, I’ve seen bathrooms devastated in Florida. Depending on the type of slab and the construction practices at the time, can lead to serious issues in bathrooms etc. My #1 rule is at least once a year walk around your home, or better yet have ProBest Pest Management¬† check your home yearly and you do it once a year as well. I can generally spot termites from the street and if you do it for a living you get pretty good at it.

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