Rodent rub marks

Rodent rub marks

Rodent rub marksĀ  are a certain indicator of rodent issue within a structure. Rodents have oils on their fur and this results in the oily shine on entry points. Rodents and pest in general are always looking for way to enter our homes.

What do you look for?

  • Obviously if you see rodents, rats and mice within the home.
  • Holes should be sealed.
  • Those weep holes need to be screened, they are needed to allow the house to breath.
  • Don’t clutter the outside of the home, more area for mice and rodents to build their homes.
  • Clean out your garages, de-clutter.

If the rodent is inside, don’t exclude them out just yet. We don’t trap them inside until we are sure they are out completely. No sense having a terrified and pissed off rodent inside with you and family. Another rule at least for ProBest is NO bait inside. Just a catastrophe waiting to happen. That also includes the attic, or suspended ceiling. I saw a bait placement throw pack, 1/2 out the weep hole outside ceiling eave once. Several dogs outside playing, can you just imagine? Don’t just place bait in the open available to children and pets.

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