Asian Hornet Update

Thank you to Washington State Department of Agriculture for allowing us the use of the info graphic picture. The State of Washington has really been right on top of this issue. Asian Hornet Update: A colony of Asian Hornet can decimate a Honeybee colony in hours, killing the worker and devouring the brood.

This Asian Hornet is often referred to as the Japanese giant hornet. It is the largest hornet and is native to East and South Asia. They prefer to live in low mountains and forests. There are often multiple Queens and workers do not reproduce.

In August 2019, several Queens were found in in Vancouver and June 2020 several were found in Washington State.  They fly around looking for Honeybee hives, if they locate one they will return home to bring more Hornets, They are meat eaters and will completely destroy a hive of Honeybees. A single hornet can kill 40 or more bees in a just 1 minute.

Washington State has done an excellent job or notifying and setting commercial traps and monitors. Its all about monitoring and getting the jump on these gals. Better safe than sorry. They are not in Arizona yet, but if they get by Washington State they will continue South. Knowledge is important, so we want everyone to be aware. Asian Hornet Update: Much like the early days of Africanized bees, most everyone in the Southern States are now familiar to them and are constantly  alert.

If you encounter any please notify the State Agency where you are located, Arizona has the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

As always you may contact ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 or email for any questions or ID of any pest.

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