Termite down - tubes

Termite down – tubes

Do you see the shadow of the Termite down – tubes? Our termites here is Arizona are a little strange. they will build tubes rather than take the original way back down. But I suppose if they didn’t do that we might not know they were in the home.

Just think of those girls, working 24/7/365 never taking it easy work, work and work. All in search of the wood cellulose in your home. It never hurts to hire a Professional Pest Company to explore your home inside and out for pests. We look everyday so we know what to look out for. It is often the single biggest asset you have, so protect it. If you notice something strange give us a call, better safe than sorry. Our termites in Arizona don’t usually do a lot of damage but why encourage them to be in your home. Bugs are out there everywhere, but you shouldn’t allow them access into your place.

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