Escaped Scorpion

Escaped Scorpion


Somebody is running for their life, escaped scorpion wanted Dead or Alive but mostly dead please. ProBest occasionally chases up a scorpion or two in our treatment regime. Usually they hide under rocks or in crevices or block walls. So once again don’t put your hands when you can’t see where you are putting them. If you are cleaning the garage or a shed, please wear gloves and be careful.

Its always great to pay extreme attention to the task at hand. Where do they hide you ask?

  1. And crack or hideaway in the house or shed.
  2. Block walls (that’s why we dust those things).
  3. Dark places, so. don’t leave shoes outside or on the floor.
  4. Attics.
  5. Garages.
  6. Under rocks and things in yards. I often see roof tiles outside. Place them against block walls not the house.
  7. Places that hold heat at night.

Things that help

Black-lighting, consistent pest control and sealing up your home – these 3 things can ultimately reduce numbers and protect the home. Your family and loved ones can have peace of mind regarding these stingers. Remember they are venomous – things that sting or bite, poisonous is like poison ivy or things that if you eat it, it could kill you. Don’t walk around in bare feet, wear shoes.

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