Arizona Brown Spiders

Arizona Brown Spiders

So I’m sure everyone has heard of the Brown Recluse or Arizona Brown Spiders. If you look at maps Recluse live in a bell curve from Texas straight up through almost to Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. Check out the map from Entomology Today

As you see we do have a species that lives here in Arizona, called Arizonica, Genus Loxosceles. As with spiders in general, the more you know the more informed you will be. Wear gloves if working in sheds, garages and outside. Many people believe they are bitten and identify it as a spider bite. Here are some myths about Brown Recluse spiders:

  • The common name Brown Recluse spider belongs to ONE species residing in central Midwest. This info is from University of Riverside. I love this article, check out the bottom disclaimer.
  • Not all recluse spiders are brown, some are gray, dark brown or even whitish.
  • People think the spider is poisonous, while actually they are venomous.
  • Brown recluse will attack you, nope a myth – they tend to avoid people.
  • Spiders in general try to get into homes, I don’t think they have a clue. They are just looking to get out of the open, an closed door is just a barrier. So having door seals, closed screens and cracks sealed are all good exclusion techniques.


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