Hidden Tubes

Hidden Tubes

Hidden tubes from termites are a major concern and what you can’t see can hurt you. Termites build tubes up from the ground and they often can be hidden away from eyes. Termites like hidden dark areas, it keeps away the heat and predators. They find their way in via holes, cracks etc in the foundation slab. The picture is the result of a pipe coming up through the slab. When the house is built these penetrations are cleared off and the termiticide is often removed as well. In Arizona look for these signs of termites:

  • Unusual marking on the wall, appears to be mud/soil tubes.
  • Down tubes from the ceiling.
  • Baseboards look damaged, termites eat from inside out – paint buckles.
  • Outside mud tubes at foundation slabs.
  • Bathtraps allow termites access into the home, always check areas of plumbing penetrations.
  • Areas inside garages are susceptible to infestations.

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