spiders inside

Spiders Inside

Spiders inside can be scary, but most won’t hurt you. There are a few in the US that are venomous including the Black Widow, Hobo Spiders and the Brown Recluse. Sometimes they hitch rides to AZ such as is the case of Hobo and Brown Recluse, we have a relative called the AZ Brown. This spider does bite but isn’t has much of a deal here in Arizona.

I think most people don’t realize how open their homes are, screens need to fit tightly and door sweeps need to be installed and maintained. Garages need that bottom seal and the sides need that weatherstripping. Any opening the thickness of a credit card is an opening that will exploit, and that includes any bug or rodents.

What can you do?

  • Check screens and yearly, no spiders inside.
  • Do a walk around, checking for holes or evidence of infestation.
  • Looks for rodent activity, holes or gnaw marks.
  • Employ a quality pest control company on a consistent basis.
  • Have an annual inspection for termites.
  • Check high and low, that is why my techs use a webber pole to take down webs.
  • Check out buildings, sheds, garages etc.
  • If you notice a spot take a pic and send it to us.


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