Spring bugs


What are Spring bugs? Do you contribute to your home pest issues? What are you looking for?


Spring is the time of year that bugs reproduce and can become more numerous. What if you have 2-foot-high weeds out back, this can cause sap sucking bugs to get out of control? Do you stack stuff against the house or shed, this allows the pest whether bug or rodent the chance to set up house? Do you have stone up to the stucco, this allows termites access without your knowledge? Is the grass next to the house, or vines? All these things contribute to pests having a chance to get into your home.

  1. I suggest monthly checks of the outside and interior to check screens, door seals and weep holes.
  2. Check outdoor buildings like sheds, storage, or fire grills.
  3. Check the garage.
  4. Check the attic.
  5. Always look up and down, and not a bad idea to check the roof. Be careful.
  6. We have seasons foe specific bugs, the fall monsoon = termites and rodents. Spring = honeybee swarms and small bugs trying to get inside.
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