Termite Pressure

Termite Pressure


Termite pressure around the Valley is a speculative issue, some areas are of course worse than others. This map was done by FMC some 20 years ago and I wonder how close it remains to being accurate to today. I would say it still applies, once termites are in an area I’m sure they won’t leave and probably continue to be a pain to homeowners.

What to do?

  • Monitor your home, walk around look up and down.
  • Hire a Pest Professional to take a look, not a Home Inspector but a real life Termite Expert.
  • Check out buildings, garages, sheds inside and out.
  • Take pics and send them to my office if unsure 480-577-2003.
  • I’ll tell you now, ProBest isn’t the cheapest but you can count on Quality of Service. Call us today 480-831-9328
  • We have a lot of species of termites, some cause problems. Let us tell you about them.
  • We don’t look for just termites, our eyes are on the look out for anything that can cause problems. We will even tell you about leaks and weird stuff going on at your place.

Maybe we should do an update to our map, if you have had any issues in the low zones let us know? Thanks

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