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HUD – Trip Hazards

HUD – Trip Hazards

Starting Monday, December 26th 2011, per HUD’s directive in 1S,   tape on carpet to secure trip hazards is no longer permitted. Tape is still the preferred device to secure trip hazards on other surfaces such as ceramic or vinyl tile floors. For instances where carpet meets another surface–vinyl, tile, etc. Please secure these trip hazards by installing thresholds. Thresholds may also be used when there is frayed carpet in a doorway.

 For instances where there are trip hazards in the middle of a room with carpet, please secure by first cutting frayed pieces of the carpet then by tacking down the loose edges. There even can be termite activity and belong long damage to baseboards and wood floors


Odor Restorator Elimination

Odor restorator – Here are a few popular areas where the products are commonly used. Actual applications are limitless.

Odor Restorator – Smells eliminated

  • Auto and Marine
  • Home
  • Hotel/Motel and Hospitality
  • HVAC
  • Industrial
  • Janitorial
  • Medical and Long Term Care/ hospitals
  • Pet and Veterinary
  • Restoration and Disaster Recovery
  • Real Estate (smell from cat hoarding, dog hoarding etc)
  • Animal farms/pet shops
  • Locker rooms etc

Vaportek offers a safe alternative to Ozone and other methods!

No evacuation of people, pets or plants necessary during treatment.

  • No respirators, special equipment or training necessary to operate.
  • Does not harm textiles or remove pigment from leather.
  • Does not cause oxidation.
  • Does not decompose or disintegrate rubber and rubber-based fabrics and materials.
  • Does not introduce moisture into the area.
  • No danger of combustion.
  • Has no potentially dangerous re-entry or recovery period

Rent this system – Restorator * Call 480-831-9328 for pricing.

It is fantastic on removing cigarette smoke, dead body smells (rats or birds), mold and mildew smells. Don’t just mask those odors remove them. actually neutralize, not mask, odors using this new system. The company accomplished this by controlling the emission of dry vapor from a replaceable plastic membrane which contained a special compound of aromatic and modified natural oils. The safely emitted dry vapors combined with malodourous molecules on contact, neutralizing them without actually changing their nature. Not Ozone – Ozone is a regulated toxic gas often touted as a solution to all types of indoor pollutants and interior contamination after disasters. You can find out more about the whole story of ozone generators from the U.S. government’s EPA website ( Ozone oxidizes everything it contacts. People are advised not to be around running ozone generators for health reasons (see our Products page for more information). Our system does not oxidize; instead, our products emit a dry vapor, composed of natural oils, to control odors in the air and odors embedded in porous surfaces (see Technology page for more information).

Heavy-duty electrical unit quickly eliminates odors. Replaceable cartridges provide up to 270 hours of service. 110-volt version available. Durable steel case with convenient carrying handle.  refill cartridges (sold separately).

odor restorator

odor restorator

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