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On demand Pest Control

Monthly Pest Control

Monthly Pest Control

So do you go to Starbucks or Dutch Brothers for coffee everyday? I’m not here to discuss finances but sometimes I’m surprised when I quote $45 monthly or $45 EOM or Quarterly for Pest Control. I surprised when they say “wow that much”? I heard on a radio station where the host mentioned he found a tree trimmer for palms for $45 – did that guy have insurance? Guarantee if he fell he would go against your homeowners insurance. All of us understand the importance of insurance, licensing etc. So please make sure they have it. In our business we must carry insurance and be licensed. It costs money to provide a service.

Monthly Pest Control – I’ve noticed lately people are getting quite inventive on pest control selling. One item I noticed this week is that they tell you its only $25 monthly but then they say we are only going to show every 3 month – total = $300 so don’t get duped into signing up when ProBest service is $45 any way you want it. Quarterly or Qtr Pest Control with ProBest Pest Management is $180.

Some companies also upsell the Every other Month and Quarterly saying they take longer but you can only do so much. Scorpions require some extra work and Quarterly service based on how long the chemical last, how much sun it gets and if anything is digging up dirt may not work. Stay tuned for a product that may help with all this. I’ll post as soon as I can reference to this product.

Call ProBest today for you service 623-414-0176 or 480-831-9328


Quality is a buzz word with me, to me it’s about your Word. Back in the day your handshake met something. I try everyday to meet and exceed our work, we strive to be be honest and sincere with all of our work.

One story from a few years ago – We did an inspection for home-seal, when arriving for work it had appeared it was done. Good job on us. It’s the old adage, pretend someone is watching all the time and do good work.

Strive to be the best, Call a Pro… Call the Best. ProBest! 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176


Cheap work is what I’m talking about today, those companies that I can’t figure out how they do it.

So lets say a home is about 150 lineal feet, complete exterior of that building. What’s the cost and I know everyone’s is different. I see prices out there at the low end of $298

Termidor (yes you want Termidor) probably at least 30 gallons or approximately $67

Cost of labor 5 hours at $15 = $75

Cost of doing business – NPMA (National Pest Management Association) several years ago suggested 32.5% = $97

Total $239 – profit of $59

For all the liability we encounter are you willing to take in $59 as profit, what if you hit a pipe? Homeowners, if they aren’t making money, they won’t be around very long. Make sure it’s a complete exterior.

Do business locally and don’t automatically take the cheap proposal. ProBest has been a QualityPro member since early 2005, actually just after I bought the place.

Facebook & blogging

Facebook & blogging

Facebook & blogging, is this the wave of the future in spreading the news? However you get your news, it is important to filter it. Don’t believe everything you hear, because most of it may not be real but FAKE news. The one thing I do know is bugs, many years of hearing about them and getting rid of them. How about a few stories? Do you spend hours on Facebook or blogging?

We did a bed bug service and the condo owner wanted all of the inside stuff thrown away, some was big so we threw it into the outside dumpsters. The temperature was well about 100 and we received a call that we couldn’t dump trash in dumpsters because the bedbugs would fly out and infest other condo unit. Bedbugs don’t fly…

I went to a new customer who insisted we treat every square inch of her house. At least 7 pretty good size dogs and the minute I stepped on carpet I said NO. The carpet was crunchy and I knew this just wasn’t something I was willing to do regularly.



Integrity and what does that mean to you? I believe it means “sell a service and do it according to label/law, deliver what you promised and maybe a bit more. The old Boy Scout Law, starts with Trustworthy and ends with Reverent.  Maybe someone was trying to tell us something. Was it integrity, integrity is doing what your should do even if no one is watching. The other part is the Golden Rule and pretend your servicing your Mother’s home. Can you only imagine if we all started with this premise and followed through the same. 

Today it is so easy to complain, it’s actually harder to say something nice or to recommend or give a positive review. So I’m asking, if someone does a great job give them a 5-star review. I always ask for reviews, if its bad call me, email but let me have the chance to correct it. We are all human and we all make mistakes. 

Holidays of Giving

Holidays of Giving – Fisher House (Arizona)

The Son’s of the American Legion, Detachment of Arizona is involved with this organization and I highly recommend this charity. If you have a little extra cash, I’m sure it would benefit this group immensely. Thank You.

Mission Statement
Charities Helping American Military Patriots…

A nonprofit organization, created for the collection of donated monetary funds from the public. To be used for an identified cause that supports veterans and their families.

Our Goals

To provide a simple and covenant method of collecting and disseminating donated funds to a designated cause, event or charity that has been approved by the Board of Directors. Maintain a transparent and honest working relationship with supporters of the foundation. To maintain a secure handling of all proceeds that are entrusted into the foundation. Ensuring that such proceeds are distributed to the designated cause, event or charity.

Our Objective
Public trust is of the utmost important success to our mission. The foundation does not have any paid employees. All of the Board of Directors are volunteers, dedicated to the success of the foundation. The foundation will maintain proper records and meeting minutes according to the Arizona Corporation Commission. Our 501(c)3 status is located on the Arizona Corporation Commission website under C.H.A.M.P. Foundation # 22113237. All funds that are received, deposited and distributed will be accurately documented and recorded through the foundation financial branch opened in the name of CHAMP Foundation in Tucson Arizona. A Confirmation Letter of Receipt will be mailed to all donors which will include the C.H.A.M.P. Foundation EIN # for tax deduction purposes.

Holidays of Giving



The U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I don’t usually post rants but this is one of my exceptions.  I believe this document to be almost perfect, and needs to be interpreted as is. This piece of paper gives us our rights and I know many disagree on amendments etc, but I’m a purist at heart.

This piece of paper gives ProBest Pest Management the right to be in business and free to post a blog good or bad. Now I will disagree on what some companies decide to say publicly, I refuse to get into that set but it is their right. I just won’t do it, won’t post negative politically religious themes. I want everyone to get along, buy pest services from me and don’t care if I’m whatever.

BY the way did you know Silverfish and Cockroaches love paper and glue, rodents as well. So if you store stuff in the attic be careful about those things, I’ve also seen them eat photos and scrapbooks. So store in a plastic container somewhere where it is cooler without moisture. If you have numerous books in a den keep an eye out for silverfish, they can do a lot of damage before you even have a chance to see it.

The U.S. Constitution

BMP – Best Management Practices

BMP – Best Management Practices

Pest Control, Termite or Weed treatment

BMP’s or Best Management Practices.

NPMA or the National Pest Management Association sets the standard for these practices.

  1. Always deal with a qualified and licensed company.
  2. Evaluate pest companies especially those members of NPMA and State AZPPO (Arizona Pest Professional Organization).
  3. Experience.
  4. Consider QualityPro companies.
  5. Ask friends, family and neighbors.
  6. Get bids.
  7. Don’t rush your decision, seek out family and other people who may have dealt with this issue.
  8. Understand any paperwork.
  9. Do they have current liability insurance.
  10. Examine and understand the guarantee.
  11. Buy VALUE not PRICE.
  12. You can call and seek opinions from AZ Office of Pest Management


These of course are suggestions and you can add additional items relative to your issues. It is always wise to consider input from friends, families and neighbors. Don’t always trust stuff you find on the internet – half the time that stuff is just false or fake news. I think the biggest issue with me is price versus value, price can reflect low cost chemical, shoddy work and improper methods of treatment. Check with the Better Business Bureau, many companies are accredited through them – such as ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328.

You may also contact us if you have questions on identification, harborage areas and what they may feed on. Send a photo to

We here at ProBest want to help you make a great informed decision. Please feel free to contact us.


GI Josh Dog

GI Josh Dog

Have you ever heard of GI Josh Dog? Todays blog will be a little different and dedicated to a little plush dog that is doing some great work.

About The GI Josh Project
Every day there are many brave men and women who leave their homes to defend our country. Many of the silent victims left behind are their families. The adjustments they make while their loved one serves either here or abroad are many. And the loneliness and the unique fears they share while their loved one is away are real.
The GI Josh Project chronicles the journey Josh and Smudge make with young Cassie, whose daddy is sent abroad during our nation’s military operations in the Middle East. Josh and Smudge befriend Cassie, who is lonely and heartbroken over her daddy’s departure. Together they find coping tools which help Cassie during this trying and difficult time. Even though Cassie is still lonely, the love and comfort Josh and Smudge bring to her family helps them soldier through this difficult time together until her daddy’s triumphal return from his deployment.


GI Josh Dog

The photo above is me and GI Josh attending a deployment of 19 National Guardsmen in June, for every 2 little GI Josh Dogs purchased at $20 – 1 larger size is given to the Soldier to give to their child to make it less stressful on the time away. When Mom or Dad is away they can skype and read the book and interact with their child. Click the link or check with your local American Legion and support this wonderful idea.

ProBest name change

ProBest name change

ProBest name change. So I’m sure everyone has heard about this certain company that recently told everyone they were changing their name. It was all a publicity stunt to grab attention to their name and the fact that they more than pancakes. It was a great idea and we all know that they have burgers now. Names can tell what the company does and its even important in our line of work. So with that in mind:

Interstate House of Pests or Interstate House of Bugs —- names changed to prevent me from being sued? So what do you think? “I don’t care what you call me, as long as you call me” 480-831-9328 — ProBest name change —

ProBest name change

Remember we handle a plethora of bugs and pests, scorpions, ants, bees, rodents and termites and a lot more. We LOVE helping people and businesses and we offer value and we are accredited with the BBB. We are also a QualityPro company since 2005, earned by less than 3% of companies in the United States, the QualityPro designation demonstrates a commitment to excellence and provides consumers with an easy way to identify and be confident in their selection of a quality pest management provider from the National Pest Management Association.

I’m just kidding and I like the name ProBest Pest Management, so no name change but spread the word…

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