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Termites tunneling

Termites tunneling

Termites tunneling in the soil around your home is inevitable. Stopping them before they get into your home must be absolute.  Termiticides have come a long way since the 1950’s  – some good and some maybe not so good. But all in all this all depends on how you stand on repellent, non-repellent and baiting?



In the 50’s Chlordanes usage was curtailed and replaced with shorter life termiticides. Chlordane lasted or had half life of approximately 50 years. OK I know some will argue but in plain language, EPA didn’t want it to last that long in the soil. Soon came shorter life in soil termiticides and newer type classes like Premise which is a non-repellent. Then came Termidor oh and I forgot some new baits like active ingredients Hexaflumuron and noviflumuron. These are baits that are placed into the soil and eaten by termites which then affects molting. My personal opinion especially in Arizona is that it is extremely hot and this in turn heats up the bait station. So I think putting a pesticide in place permanently is the way to prevent Termites tunneling. Termidor stays where you put while Premise can move up and down depending on water activity. We also perform WDIIR or Wood Destroying Infestation Inspection Reports. No matter where you live in the South termite are active usually year round. Depending on your location some moderate to heavy infestations can occur. Florida for instance is greater than Arizona due to moisture. Where you have more water and building codes that lean towards conducive conditions you will find termites.

Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites are not a real BIG problems here in Arizona because Drywoods  get all their water from the wood. The most obvious sign of termites are the pellets they leave behind. Subterranean Termites use their fecal material with their waste to build tunnels and tubes. The fecal pellets from these termites are rounded with concave grooves, primarily from their anal glands reducing the amount of water escaping.


Subterranean termites eat with the grain of the wood, while Drywood Termites  eat across the grain. You can always tell subs versus drywoods – dirt or soil is always included with damage of subs. I remember a building Daytona Beach, Florida – huge building with multiple floors and upstairs wood floor with piles of Drywood pellets. They were obvious little pyramids all over the floors. In this case the only (only method to absolutely get rid of them is fumigation. You tent the entire building and put gas inside. Here is Arizona you can get lucky from time to time and find the termites.


On occasion I have found them in windows and or walls. Either take out the wood or use a product that can seep into the wood. This can only occur if the wood has never been painted or varnished. You can spray, paint or foam the unsealed wood, just follow label instructions. As you can imagine these Drywood Termites are quite common in areas with water like Florida and California. However, you won’t find them in colder climates and the actual size of the colony is limited to about 3000. Subterranean termites can usually have over 1 million, while Formosan termites (another type of Subterranean) can have 16 million or more.

Remember that the bugs will inherit the earth, one way or another they will be here forever. So call ProBest for all your bug needs 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

Remove term: Hot Water Tank stand Hot Water Tank stand

Hot Water Tank stand

Hot Water Tank stand

The Hot Water Tank stand or just plain tank is usually in your garage, probably in a corner or maybe just inside your home. Depending on where it is, there could be a stand that it sits on. Sometimes the pipes come up through the slab and termites find there way in. Or there could be a crack where they sneak in. The bad thing about this area is that it is not visible and as in this case. the termites went straight up. They were noticed at the ceiling during an inspection. After doing some investigative work we put a hole in that box stand and found where they were coming up.

The job of inspector is almost a detective case, where do you look and what do you expect to find? Generally speaking Sub termites, go with the grain while Drywood termites cut across the grain. So when subs go up the wood, they hit another 2×4 and go with the grain. Then then attempt to come down and that is why you get notice a tube hanging down from the ceiling.  Our Arizona sub termites tend to do this often and is usually why we get the call about termites. Call ProBest if you signs similar to this 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate

So have you bought a home recently or planning on selling one, now is probably the time? Market is up and things are moving and that’s a great thing. Real Estate continues to be a winner for building equity. So in that light let’s discuss the Pro’s and Con’s of inspections.


  1. Hiring a professional – starting with a Professional Experienced Real Estate Agent, Home Inspector and a Termite Inspector. All 3 are important on purchasing or selling your home.
    1. I can’t even imagine just settling for good with a Real Estate Agent, I want one that has been around awhile – knows the in and outs of what neighborhoods are good, etc. Look on the internet for reviews and ask friends. Agent:
    2. Home Inspectors – Again look for qualifications and experience, again ask friends and neighbors, how many do they do each day or weekly? The latest trend is to bypass the Termite Inspection and have the home inspector do that, check credentials and make sure he is certified with the Office of Pest Management (OPM) Department of Agriculture?
      1. This  is a true story, just a month or so ago. A realtor called me to say that her neighbor sold the house, buyer sent a home inspector (he missed the termites) now what? Well as I understood the story he was licensed but just missed it. It happens so you must be careful. Why not hire a Professsional that has 30+ years at this?
    3.  This is my line – You want a Professional Termite Inspector, I personally have over 30 years of looking for and at bugs. I’ve been around the World looking at bugs and regularly investigate and check out the new stuff that is happening around Arizona and the USA. ProBest goes back 40 years to 1981, we started doing just termite inspections and treatments. Then 2007 happened, thank goodness we were already selling and doing pest treatments, weeds and bird work.

Do your homework, challenge the conventional – HIRE A PRO and leave it to them to do the hard work but choose wisely.


Tubes are an easy way to see the evidence of subterranean termites. They live in the ground and work their way up into your home. They use dirt, mud soil to protect themselves and as a way of regulating their body temperatures and well being. The only way to keep them out is a soil treatment, don’t treat inside the walls as it only affects one or two tubes. We use only Termidor, in my opinion the best product to keep them out. There are generics but I only promote the original formulation.

I suggest a yearly or every few year inspection, as it is just a matter of time before you get them. Over 8 billion dollars of damage in the US every year blamed on these little bugs. Florida ranks up higher on the list of real problem mainly due to excess moisture.

Put the onus on us, rather then you – call ProBest Pest Management for an inspection today at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-1076

Water diverter

One of the home improvements you can do to your house is to add Water diverter to any pvc running from ac units. This diverter takes water away from the treated zone and allows the termiticide to stay where it is put. One of the keys to termite work is putting the termiticide to the place where the termites will go through it. If water is constatly running through it, it will over time diminish the effectiveness.

This device isn’t in the best of places, but is able to divert some water away. The sidewalk somewhat blocks the pipe from extending far enough away. But this device can help and does.

So here is my theory on longevity of termiticides in Arizona. Under concrete I believe Termidor can last up to 15 years and if it is on the outside of home I cut that rate in half to 5 -7 years. Now anything can cause this to break sooner, something under the slab such as rocks, paper or anything left over from construction.

Termite/Pest Inspections

For the life of me, I don’t understand this. You buy a home, no matter the price and you don’t get an Termite/Pest Inspections. The most money you will probably spend and you don’t get an opinion from a termite company. Don’t take a chance, call ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176.

Don’t let a Realtor or Home inspector give their opinion on Termite/Pest Inspections, first off it’s not legal. They can’t make that decision because they must be licensed in Arizona. If there is a problem let it be the Pest Company that deals with it. One day someone will sue a Realtor or Home Inspector for missing something, let it be on me – that’s what we do?

This would be like asking your car mechanic his opinion of the stock market, or your landscaper on the law. Seek out an opinion from a reputable Termite Pest Company

Shower Pan

The Shower pan is technically that device which keeps the water from going everywhere. The bathtrap area is the area in the picture with the pipes letting the water go to the plumbing and out of the house.

Now visualize the termite people coming out to spray under the slab before its poured. That show box size area is higher with dirt and when the plumbers come in to finish they take away dirt. They also take away any trace of liquid termiticide and therefore = termites.

See the termite tube in the right side of the hole, that is how all the damage occurred. Inspect, investigate and then solve the problem. In this case impossible to see the shower pan so a surprise happens. Call ProBest for an inspection today 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

Grass Eaters

Grass Eaters termites are a little different in that they prefer desery landscapes versus eating your home. Gnathamitermes – tube building desert termites because they attack dead grass, weeds, and the outer portion of cactus and trees. Again remember they only eat dead cellulose or wood.

Often times we are consulted to termites on trees etc, generally you can leave them alone as they typically don’t damage the tree. On the other note, more termiticide on a property may prove valuable. Grass eaters can get inside and damage books and paintings but generally don’t do structural damage. So from a termite point of view its good to take action and get them away from your property and stuff.

Carpet & termites

You return home from vacation and there it is Carpet & termites. Now what do you do, call ProBest Pest Management of course 480-831-9328. This is a result of a crack in the foundation and the termites found their way into the home and through the carpet.

Easy fix for a termite company, take up the carpet and treat the crack in the slab. Termiticide does fail and once that crack begins to expand it moves the barrier treatment. So don’t just look around the foundation edge of the house or the ceiling, if you spot something like this connect immediately so we can assess the root cause.

If you ever decide to take up carpet and replace with tile or wood and you find cracks in the slab, call us. It is easier to fix the problem before the time is in place, never looks the same.

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