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*Mail pick-up is 4:45PM

425 W Guadalupe Road , #110
Gilbert, AZ 85233
P: (480) 831-9328
P: (623) 414-0176
F: (480) 558-9643

Post Office is located in Gilbert, Arizona.  We sell individual stamps and stamp booklets.   We can ship Certified Mail, Priority Mail Express™, Flat Rate Boxes, Flat Rate Envelope ,Priority Mail™, Priority Mail™ Window Flat Rate Envelope, Postcard, Letter, Large Envelope, Package and International Mail and pretty much anything else you can ship at any post office.

Other Services: Notary 8am – 3pm, Shredding Services – Maniac Mondays $10 per (our) box, regularly $15 and laminating, faxing, and copying. Call us to inquire 480-831-9328

The next closest Post Office Location is at

GILBERT, AZ 85234-9998

How to measure letters and large envelopes.

Once a piece of mail exceeds the maximum length, height, or thickness of one shape, it automatically gets classified as the next largest shape.

Minimum size for Postcards and Letters
5″ long x 3-1/2″ high

Maximum size for Postcards
6″ long x 4-1/4″ high

Maximum size for Letters
11-1/2″ long x 6-1/8″ high

Maximum thickness for Letters
1/4″ thick

Maximum thickness for Large Envelopes
3/4″ thick

Large Envelopes exceed one of the letter size maximum dimensions.

Unusual Shapes and Sizes

Sometimes a piece of mail requires additional postage because it is a certain shape or size that is difficult to process on mail sorting machines.

To make sure you’re paying the correct postage stop by our Gilbert Do it yourself store and post office and we will measure and weigh your package. These are examples of mail that could require additional postage: Square envelopes, Envelopes on which the address is written parallel to the shorter edge square

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