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BedBugs continue their plight – invading Police Dispatching center


BedBugs force Portsmouth dispatchers to relocate” Bedbugs don’t care who you are, they don’t care if you are rich or poor. They don’t care if your a Firefighter or Policeman, so the key is that you are aware of their tenacious abilities at getting into your life.

One of the best things that I recommend are mattress and box spring encasements – such as CleanBrands



What I really like about these encasements is that they save your mattresses from the usual things:

  1. Accidental leakage – pets or toddlers
  2. Dustmites
  3. BedBugs
  4. Mitigates allergens



I wouldn’t buy a mattress without purchasing an encasement.


CleanRest® bed bug covers protect you and your family from harmful allergens, micro-toxins, dust mites and bed bugs and their fecal matter that build up over time in any mattress, box spring, and pillow. CleanRest® is the world’s most trusted and technically advanced sleep bedding protection product line, featuring patented MicronOne® fabric technology. Each CleanRest® product line comes with different attributes, features and benefits at different price points to suit your needs and budget. Its the brand I recommend and use on my beds. Mattresses aren’t cheap so protect your investment, call or visit ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 to order yours today.


Why are mattress encasements so important?


There is an old saying and I’m not sure of the truth, but here it is ” A mattress doubles its weight due to dust mites and their debris in 10 years“. Now with that said, I do believe that a mattress not sealed accumulates debris like sweat, urine spills from babies or pets, shed skin and dust mites. Now doesn’t it just make  sense to cover the mattress.

So lets say you purchase the mattress for $800 and within the first 3 months that stuff above happens and you know it will. If you had an encasement that was able to eliminate all microscopic toxins, allergens, dust mites, bed bugs and was breathable, lockable and waterproof wouldn’t you want it for your comfort?


Stop by or call us to get yours today.

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Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug




Every bug guy or gal should own one of these microscopes from  it is capable of 40x to 140x the size of the target. This is a picture taken with the microscope attached to my computer.

This little bug was on a building that I treated last week in Chandler, Arizona and based on what I know it looks like that Stink Bug that has been causing lots of problems in the Northeast and beyond. This bug is an invasive pest, that is becoming wide-spread in the U.S. and is of concern to farmers. It feeds on a large number of high-value crops and ornamental plants in its immature and adult life stages. The species is native to Asia and was introduced into the United States in the mid-1990s, possibly stowing away in a shipping container.

As of early February 2011, the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug had been identified in 36 states and the District of Columbia. It is increasingly becoming a serious pest in fruit and vegetable crops. One area of concern to is that they will try to get into homes creating quite a nuisance especially when the weather turns cool each fall, adult Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs look for wintering sites and can be found on the outsides of buildings or inside near doors, windowsills, and other entry points. They can also be found in leaf litter and vegetation outdoors. In areas where they have become established, they can enter structures by the hundreds. They can congregate almost anywhere, including bookcases; under beds and sofas; in cracks under or behind baseboards, window and door trim; and in attics. These pests will not cause structural damage or reproduce in homes. These bugs don’t bite people or pets. Although they are not known to transmit disease or cause physical harm, some people may be sensitive to pest allergens.

Who takes the heat on pesticides?

Who takes the heat on pesticides?

It’s difficult for me to side any other way than to say Pesticides are good! Many will disagree but the fact is that pesticides have saved countless lives throughout history. I was reminded of this through my distributor “Univar Environmental Services” in a story they posted in their monthly newsletter.

  • When mosquitoes are controlled, you help prevent West Nile Virus transmission.
  • When products help ensure proper termite control, they save you from massive property damage.
  • Helping to keep cockroach allergens at bay lowers asthma triggers for children.
  • And fewer ticks and rodents can mean less Lyme disease and Hanta Virus.

It all adds up to Univar supplying both the products and services to help you improve your customers’ environments.

What’s sleeping in your bed?

What’s sleeping in your bed?

The more I watch TV the more it scares me, I hate those commercials that say “How old is your bed, if your bed is over 8 years it has 10 pounds of stuff in it”, just what I don’t want to hear. It’s bad enough thinking about dust mites or worse yet Bed Bugs but you spend a great deal of time in that bed.

When the Great Bed Bug scare came I decided we needed to invest in some mattress and box spring en-casements and let me tell you I can now sleep without the thought of those critters jumping around more than counting sheep. There are a few side benefits about these en-casements, here they are:

  • They keep things in and things out, now remember Bed Bugs just don’t live on beds.
  • They keep out urine, sweat and anything else you might spill on them. Accidents happen like babies sprouting a geyser or the accidental dog or cat issue.
  • Allergens especially within the bed can be kept to a minimal amount.
  • These en-casements are not like years of past, they are crinkly and make noise. They aren’t as hot either.

So think about an en-casement as a way to protect and maybe extend the life of that mattress and box spring.


German cockroaches can cause serious sanitation issues & asthma.

German cockroaches can cause serious sanitation issues & asthma.

German roaches can sneak into your home by way of boxes, bags or even used clothes or furniture. The picture below which by the way looks like an American Cockroach also can spread germs and bacteria. This picture just grosses me out every time I see it. Here is a story recently published on chocolate – Bugging out chocolate allergy linked to roaches.

What does Carpet Cleaning have to do with Pest Control?

What does Carpet Cleaning have to do with Pest Control?

You probably don’t even think about your carpet and how dirty it gets from normal daily usage? So where does all that dirt come from?

  1. Dust and dirt are everywhere!
  2. When you walk into your home, do you wipe your shoes – you can track mud, dirt and feces right in the front door. The neighbor’s dog leaves you a present or the pigeon poop on the driveway or front porch.
  3. Dust mites are everywhere.
  4. Critters get in and die along the edge and their bodies eventually disintegrate and become dust and allergens.


No home is immaculate, dust and dirt are everywhere. So we recommend cleaning your carpets (based upon usage) at least once a year. ProBest Pest Management purchased a Carpet Cleaning van to use with our Bed Bug service. Call us today to schedule that carpet cleaning – green products available!

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