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Buggy snacks – for real, no thanks well you should reconsider?


As Americans we often think of bugs and we scream or roll our eyes in disgust. I know people around the world have been eating bugs for years and our cave people probably had to eat them. A company in Denver, Colorado came up with an idea – to promote them in eye catching and funny packaging.

Will Americans buy bug snacks? Maybe… If they’re funny and cute.” As we approach 7 billion people around the world I think we need to really consider some new and novel ideas for food.


Check out these sites for some great ideas on insect funny food:,

“Free Food” After an initial bite, the review is in: “It tastes like coconut. Tastes like food, not like bugs.”


Photo by PPMA – Maybe a few ant eggs for dessert?

Nothing is for sure, new research…


Well they say nothing is for certain except death and taxes and I’m beginning to understand that this might be true. Researchers are now saying that the “Black Death was not spread by rat fleas” but may have been more of an airborne issue.

They are doing research on bodies, primarily the teeth of about 25 human remains from the London area.

According to scientists working at Public Health England in Porton Down, for any plague to spread at such a pace it must have got into the lungs of victims who were malnourished and then been spread by coughs and sneezes. It was therefore a pneumonic plague rather than a bubonic plague.

The theory is that it would be almost impossible to spread that quickly unless it was airborne. So further testing continues on this dreaded killer of man.


Should you discontinue service if you don’t see bugs?

Should you discontinue service if you don’t see bugs?


The one thing I can assure you, is that bugs can hide extremely well. They can hide in the smallest of cracks, under rocks, or just about any nook or cranny. Just because you don’t see them, they are there. The more harborage areas, that’s where they hang out during the heat of the day or the cold of night equals the possibility of hiding bugs.

So lets say you have crickets, well scorpions just love crickets so by continuing to eradicate the crickets means that the scorpions won’t have any food. The less food = less other predators. Less hiding areas = less predators.

So by continuing with a pest management plan = less bugs in general and the probability that you will continue to have less predators in place as well. The other issue in the southwest is the lack of real cold, enough to freeze or kill the bugs. This year as in the past year we haven’t had a real cold to kill off the bugs and that is going to mean bugs… and lots of them.

So I would keep the pest control going, less bugs = less bugs in your homes.




What is a micro-encapsulated formula pesticide?

What is a micro-encapsulated formula pesticide?


The capsule suspension is protected from the environment and is slowly released to provide long-term activity. Demand CS is an odorless, micro-encapsulated insecticide containing 9.70% Lambda-cyhalothrin, ProBest utilizes this formulation during the more extreme hot months here in Arizona.


Demand CS combines an advanced-generation pyrethroid with a unique capsule suspension formulation for outstanding protection against numerous perimeter insect pests. Essentially, Demand CS consists of thousands of tiny capsules that hold their shape and stay where applied over an extended period of time.

Is the customer always right?



Is the customer always right?


How many business owners do you think ponder this very question on a daily basis? I have an easy answer yes and no! OK maybe it’s not that easy, we put down pesticides daily and yes I have a few that call and tell us what they want and how to do it. Of course we are the ones complying with the Label and yes we are the ones who could get the fine for a misapplication. So that answer is pretty simple – we comply with all labellings and use directions absolutely according to Label, period.

Yes I know the old adage that a happy customer is a happy customer and as long as I keep the bugs out they should be happy right. Well there are other ways of getting on their bad side and I’ll tell you customer service is an art and you have to work at it. It is important to listen and to take into consideration all the aspects of delivering a premium service. I’m reminded of a poster in another office of pest management, I love this point of view and use it daily in the best pest control that we can deliver.

Excellent service isn’t the result of doing any one thing 1,000 % better. It’s the result of doing thousands of things 1% better.
If you can do that you stand closer to SUCCESS!

On the road again with Dr. Bug

  On the road again with Dr. Bug



 Explore a real, live collection of bugs with a certified Entomologist! Learn about beneficial bugs, such as butterflies and ladybugs. Learn which insects are considered pests and how to avoid them. Discover good spiders and bad spiders, roaches, beetles, and even scorpions! Each child will receive a free coloring book. Classes with an age fee is per child with 1 unpaid adult permitted.

Instructor: Keith Birkemeyer, ProBest Pest Management
Location: Chandler Environmental Education Center at Veterans Oasis Park


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QR Code —– BBB Accreditation

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in schools a good thing?

Is Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in schools a good thing?

Texas mandates IPM for their schoolsSchool Integrated Pest Management

The days of spraying every home is gone it’s all about less = more, what do I mean? Pesticides have been changing for a long time.  They have become better in mode of action against the bugs. IPM Institute We now have baits and specific control products for specific insect pests. Isn’t it better to localize treatment rather than spray areas where no bug have ever been seen. Some people may be allergic to insect skins or fecal material while another may be allergic to a certain type of pesticide. Caution should be the power word in dealing with anyone that may be sensitive to a certain chemical pesticide.   A recent home seal here at ProBest talks about The days of power spraying every house is coming to a close…

My theory is less pesticide in the home is better!

Integrated Pest Management

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