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What is under your concrete?


One of the problems with doing termite work is what is under the concrete. The picture above isn’t under concrete but in a block wall holding up a RV gate. The problem that I have run into is cups and trash that were just thrown in before the concrete was poured. Cups are a real problem because they are coated with that waxy material and takes a zillion years to decompose.

A number of years ago I had an issue with a set of steps and finally after taking it apart we noticed trash, wood and cups which prevented the termiticide from reaching the dirt in a uniform way. Love to be Superman, but I can’t see through concrete.


Freaky nature show in New Orleans

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I have spent many days and many hours in New Orleans, LA working on and studing termites. Termite swarms occur at different times of the day generally on the east coast of the U.S. Subterranean termites generally swarm in eary afternoon, drywood termites usually in late afternoon and Formosan termites in the evening. As an avid bug guy, I have to say that I love swarms. Whether its a Harvestor ant swarm or honeybees, I love them all. It is kind of funny, but many years ago when some of the termite baits came to the market and then Termidor came – many people thought that the termites would just go away. Never happened and probably never will. As great as those products are – the bugs continue to win.

Sometimes those termites drive you daffy…

Sometimes those termites drive you daffy…


Every once in awhile you get that termite job that is either unique or somehow just different. No matter what you do, the termites continue to do some damage in a home.


House is about 20 years old, no record exists for a pretreatment with the state – in Arizona (Office of Pest Management)we are required by law to report all termites treatments. I actually wrote a home seal “Termite Sleuth on the Job” same house – continued issue but in a different area.

Treated entire house with Termidor, down drilled all attached slabs and garage and have drilled various areas within the home on the wooden floors. I’m almost convinced that no pretreatment was ever done. No further issues along the exterior of the home, only on the interior and once we drill the area we notice activity later. Now I did mention Termidor, but if it isn’t where they are moving through it – it won’t work. So without taking the floor up I decided to use some bait stations – FirstLine™ by FMC. I used another product in Florida and have learned a few things on bait systems after some time in Arizona. I place the units in areas where there is some shade or something with a bigger footprint to help hold cooler temperatures and maybe water.

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Transport Termiticide

Transport Termiticide and how does it work, really. Taking termite control to the next level.

With its unique non-repellent formulation, Transport® termiticide by FMC quickly controls termite infestations that are causing costly structural and cosmetic damage to your customers’ homes while also providing long term protection from future termite invasions.

Transport termiticide is extremely effective at controlling all three genera of termites, including Reticulitermes, Heterotermes and Coptotermes. With its improved speed of knockdown, lasting residual and good resistance management properties, Transport has shown incredible performance even in seriously infested structures. Efficacy data shows that in 94% of treatments, Transport termiticide stopped termite activity within 30 days of treatment.

An application with Transport (label) (msds)actually creates two active treatment zones within the soil. The outer zone provides quick results against termites active inside and outside of the structure, while the inner zone provides a long-lasting barrier of protection to prevent future invasions.

I mentioned yesterday that the only issue I had with Termidor was that it might allow termites an opportunity to rebuild a tube or tunnel and create a callback – this product effectively eliminates that worry.

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