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It isn’t true is it – BIG bugs?


At any time, it is estimated that there are some 10 quintillion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) individual insects alive.

In the United States, the number of described species is approximately 91,000. The undescribed species of insects in the United States, however, is estimated at some 73,000.

According to Smithsonian Institutions

According to all the reports I have seen or heard it is impossible for insects to grow to extreme sizes due to the lack of oxygen within the environment. That would be my luck, to run into a spider that was over 4 foot. “Giant Megloptera found – Bigger bugs being identified” Make sure you watch both videos, it is wicked scary!
34_Wolf Spider

Photo by PPMA

EndZone – Fly sticker


A month or so ago, I mentioned this new product EndZone by FMC that really needed to be used by “Commercial Restaurants or Dairy Farms“. Recently at the Florida Pest & Lawn Care Expo, held Jan. 20-24, 2014, in Orlando it was voted “best new product“.

You know where I stand on flies, but this item really could be the saving grace for some businesses and farms. Just think of the flies this could get rid of and generations to come.


Do you really like your spices?


There has been some recent work on what exactly you are getting when you purchase spices. “Imported spices from Indian, Mexico found cotaminated with salmonella and excreta.”

12% contaminated with insect fragments, whole insects, and rodent hairs and 7% contaminated with salmonella, a toxic bacteria that can cause severe illness in humans.

So remember those bargains aren’t always bargains. Shop wisely!



I think most food manufacturers take pride in producing their products but things happen from time to time. Have you ever found anything in your food? Comments please.

Bed Bugs – Health Checks by Dr. Parada


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Bed Bugs are NOT known to transmit disease to humans. They also do not transmit MRSA, or methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Thanks to the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) for this great information about Bed Bugs.


The scourge of kitchens and restaurants.

The scourge of kitchens and restaurants. The German Cockroach



What can you do to keep them out of your kitchen?

  1. German Roaches love to hang out with their tops and bottoms of their body touching, so a cardboard box is a great place for a roach. So if you bring home boxes, take them apart and throw them out. Store the contents in Tupperware type containers.
  2. These roaches don’t live outside, so if you caught something trying to get in – it’s not a German Roach.
  3. Sanitation is important, I often find (I’m guilty of this as well) that you need to clean the sides of whatever is next to the stove. Grease splatters and a single roach can make dinner of a grease spot for a long period of time. These roaches will eat enything.
  4. See that thing attached to the right hand roach, that is an egg-case and it contains 30 eggs and potentially 30 brand new roaches.
  5. Don’t use a bug bomb, it will drive them deeper and make it all the more difficult to get rid of them.
  6. These bugs carry and transmit diseases and germs so it is extremely important to stop them in their tracks.
  7. If you find one, figure out where you think it came from and maybe it is time to call a Pest Management Professional.





Face the Facts – technology is speeding ahead!

Face the Facts – technology is speeding ahead!


Scorpion Venom Heals Dru-Resistant bacteria Infection”

“The advancement of the arts, from year to year, taxes our credulity and seems to presage the arrival of that period when human improvement must end.” many people may believe that Henry J. Ellsworth Commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office who is sometimes quoted as having said: “Mankind,” he declared, “has already achieved all of which it is capable. There would be no more inventions requiring patents.” There is also debate that you might be thinking about a quote attributed to Charles H. Duell, US Patent Commissioner who, in 1899 said, “Everything that can be invented has been invented.”

I’m constantly impressed that we continue to forge ahead with advancements in science, from autism and now to the role of scorpion venom to fight bacteria.

German cockroaches can cause serious sanitation issues & asthma.

German cockroaches can cause serious sanitation issues & asthma.

German roaches can sneak into your home by way of boxes, bags or even used clothes or furniture. The picture below which by the way looks like an American Cockroach also can spread germs and bacteria. This picture just grosses me out every time I see it. Here is a story recently published on chocolate – Bugging out chocolate allergy linked to roaches.

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