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A year in review, my Top pest control job for 2013.

Flies may disgust me but Bed Bugs just plain and simply creep me out!

Without a doubt it has to be – wait for it, da da Bed Bugs of course. Names will be changed of course to protect the real parties, I’m kidding I would never release names. This was a rental unit and honestly I have never seen this many Bed Bugs ever! If that wasn’t bad enough they also had German Roaches and disgusting can’t even describe this home. The German Roaches were eating the Bed Bugs, gross. The Bed Bugs were everywhere, the bathrooms and the kitchen areas. Not as plentiful in those areas but you could spot them hiding in places where generally you shouldn’t be finding them. The cockroaches were having a grand ole time, they were fat and also hanging out everywhere. You could see them in door frames, door hinges and dressers just waiting for a Bed Bug to come by.

OK so you’re pretty grossed out, this isn’t the worst of it yet. We started our portable steamer and started our crack and crevice work and then that is when I noticed the blood running. It could have been the Amityville house, OK maybe not that bloody but again gross. It is my opinion that we were probably dealing with hundreds maybe thousands of Bed Bugs.

I’ll say this again, Bed Bug treatment is probably not a Do It Yourself job – call in the Professionals. Don’t let it become this situation above, one Bed Bug is all it takes and boom – out of control. Don’t panic – just call a Pro.

12_Bed Bug Nymphs

Why does Bed Bug work cost so much?


probestpestmanagementDSC06723    probestpestmanagementDSC06727     probestpestmanagementDSC06730

Bed Bugs = labor, it requires a great deal of time to look through everything in a home. This means opening everything, turning things over and investigating every crack and crevice. So where do you look”

  • Sofa and hideaway beds
  • Beds
  • Chairs
  • Wallpaper
  • Carpet and baseboards
  • Dressers
  • Wall decorations, paintings, nic nats etc
  • bed frames, headboards
  • Cracks in drywall or plaster
  • Closets

So as you can see, it may take a very long time to do a thorough and complete job and honestly that is what you want isn’t it? Oh by the way that last photo is carpet beetle larva skins, so sometimes you find more than what you were looking for.

Bed Bug video (recent job)

Bed Bug video (recent job)


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This is only a short little snippet of the Bed Bug infestation, there was also an issue with German cockroaches. We had to resort to a heat treatment because of all the stuff within the house and as soon as the heat was kicked on – the Bed Bugs began to run.

Any ideas on where Bed Bugs hang out the most?

Any ideas on where Bed Bugs hang out the most?


University of Kentucky did some extensive work to determine the following information!

I think most people immediately think Bed Bugs = beds but that’s not always the case. As you can see from the work that was done that were are many other places where these little biters can be hanging out.

“Sleep Tight, Don’t let those Bed Bugs bite.”

Wicked Termites ———-

Wicked Termites ———-


This is termite damage in Arizona, I want to point out a few details on these pictures. These pictures can be enlarged just click on the pics. You will notice that the termites do their damage from the outside in and specifically notice the paint. Termites won’t eat the paint and often just as these pictures show there is damage underneath and sometimes only visible when touched. The most obvious detail is the dirt, termites bring dirt up with them to protect and keep themselves from drying up.


This is the exact same thing that I look for in doing a Termite – Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Report. I look for baseboard that looks damaged from the outside in and somewhat typical of the photo’s above. So put on your sleuthing cap and take a look around your home for those WICKED TERMITES….

200x’s the sniffer – Bed Bug Dogs

200x’s the sniffer – Bed Bug Dogs


I’m all about efficiency but the Bed Bug dogs got it going on. I had this school that thought they might have an issue with Bed Bugs and I thought WOW just how many places could a Bed Bug hide. Well I can now tell you – thousands maybe tens of thousands. From carpet tack strips to electrical outlets, from back packs and wall paintings to – well you get the picture right – anyplace where there is a crack or crevice. It only takes a small space ——————————– maybe that line right there to hide something like a Bed Bug. That dog Olivia was amazing, she went around the room with her handler and sniffed and sniffed, this would have taken me hours and I might have missed something.

Come on look at that face – only a Bed Bug should be scared!

If I only had one tool to use for pest control what would it be?

If I only had one tool to use for pest control what would it be?



The tool would be this little fellow, it’s a Bellows type hand duster. Now you’re probably saying why are 2 different colors of this handy little tool, glad you asked? Green = no pesticide, Red = pesticide. We often use Diatomaceous Earth or DE for short and since its not a pesticide is considered GREEN, this powder has a abrasive texture and cuts the cuticle on the insects and is not considered a pesticide. By the way there are different cuts of DE and you must use a food grade type not the pool stuff.

Now obviously I can’t use a duster for everything but this tool could just about take care of everything. I love to dust cracks and crevices where those little bugs hide. You can dust behind baseboards, tack strips excusion plates (those metal plates where pipes comes through the walls), kitchen and bathrooms vanities, inside walls oh any those bump-outs of the block walls ( Bill says those are called pilasters) I’m not convinced yet but everyone knows what a bump-out is.

Doesn’t it make sense that that is where the bugs are going to hide during the day? That is where I would hide to get out of the heat and stay away from predators. I’ll say this again, anybody can spray a bug but the real test is when there is a mega infestation, its all about the biology and habits of those bugs. Da da that’s where ProBest Pest management comes in, “Call a Pro… Call the Best. ProBest!

Bedbugs Put Police Cars Out of Service – Bed Bugs showing up in weird places…


Bedbugs Put Police Cars Out of Service

I think it is amazing where we are finding Bed Bugs, they are showing up in ambulances, movie theaters and now police cruisers. So if you’re a police officer, EMT or just a regular citizen take care when and where you take a ride.


  • Bed bugs get their name because they are commonly found in beds, but can also be found in other places. Dressers, baseboards, clothes, drapes, bed frames, wall mounted devices, tack strips/carpets, behind cracked paint or wallpaper.
  • Bed bugs feed on the blood of any warm-blooded animal.
  • They can ingest up to 7 times their weight.
  • A severe infestation can result in over 500 bites in a single night.
  • Bed Bugs are able to live up to 12 months without a meal, this is debatable in Arizona because of the lack of humidity.
  • They are immune to many of today’s insecticides, generally permethrins.
  • Many people can live with them without even knowing they’re there.
  • Their eggs hatch within 10 days and only take 30 days to become fully grown.
  • Females can lay up to 500 eggs over their lifetime.
  • Reported cases have increased over 500% the past few years.
  • Bed bug infestations are a traumatic experience for those attacked including increased stress, anxiety and insomnia – I call this the CREEP FACTOR.



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