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Beep beep – Roadrunner

Beep beep where is the Coyote?

So we all know as kids that the Roadrunner would always outwit the Coyote. I often just once hoped that the Coyote would catch the Roadrunner. I also still think Acme tools are the perfect tool for catching those unwanted pests/animals. Have you ever tried an anvil on an pest/animal? You know who would be on my case, right? My favorite was the train, where he painted the hole in the side of a mountain.

We also knew that all this was just a show, we figured out fast that the poor coyote would be back. I still felt sorry for the poor guy. How about you?

Beep beep

Any ideas, what is it?



Whatever it was it appears that it attacked the bird and ate it. I’m thinking maybe a coyote but I’m not authority on scrat or poop.

Any ideas what you think this is? Comments please!


So what’s on your mind?

So what’s on your mind?

So I was thinking the other day that we should discuss a few Arizona Department of Agriculture – Office of Pest Management terms:

“Pest” means a vertebrate or invertebrate insect, bird, mammal, organism, or a weed or plant pathogen that is in an undesirable location. I bet you really didn’t think a weed was a pest, did you? I’m sure we have called a few people we might know – “a pest”? I’m equally convinced that all politicians are pests, the necessary evil.

“Pesticide,” as defined in A.R.S. § 32-2301, includes an insecticide, fungicide, rodenticide, termiticide, fumigant, larvacide, adulticide, herbicide, avicide, or molluscicide.

So just a few terms to get you thinking what pest control or pest management is all about.

Bird of Prey?

Bird of Prey?


Awhile back I came across this nest and didn’t see the original architect or any evidence of the occupant at the time. I did take a few pictures so maybe somebody can help me out and tell me what they think this might be.


One of my thoughts was that it might be a Great Horned Owl, it looked like she did a lot of work building the nest but it kept falling down maybe due to the location and wind of the building. Any ideas? Comment below please!

When is a PEST a Pest?

When is a PEST a Pest?

The Arizona Office of Pest Management defines as “Pest” means a vertebrate or invertebrate insect, bird, mammal, organism, or a weed or plant pathogen that is in an undesirable location.

So what does that mean, let’s say you have Bahia Grass growing in your driveway and that it doesn’t belong there or you don’t want it there = pest. Or you have roof rats in your attic, obviously you don’t want them there = pest.

It really isn’t the fault of the weed or bug, it is just doing what its supposed to do. Live and breed, I know as long as it doesn’t happend in your home. So keep up with the pest, keep the weeds down and home seal to prevent the pest or wildlife from getting into your home.

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