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Pesticides are a tool of the IPM or Integrated Pest Management. It is important to understand and implement the correct usage of any chemical used. I recently attended a workshop where this subject was addressed especially with the idea of IPM or Integrated Pest Management. Always a great idea to rehash the options you have when using them. I have always believed that IPM works and should be the basis of any pest treatment. I also wish to address the belief of some that IPM means no pesticides, that is incorrect it simply means that you use the other tools first and if you must use them you do so in a manner that is minimally evasive to the structure.

Pesticides     Pesticides

Thank you to Dr. Michael R. Wierda for supplying this information, info to talk with him included with the sheets.


What are the most dangerous pest in Arizona?


I know that the title can be subjective, what is and can be hazardous? I think something that can bite or sting is right up there. It could be a dog, snake or bug or someone who is driving recklessly. But in my day to day it’s the bugs that can be the most dangerous. Let’s say you’re cleaning the garage, you put your hand into a box handle and something bites you. That is bad news cause it could be a Black Widow spider. I personally would rather be stung by a scorpion than bitten by a Black or Brown Widow. So wear gloves (IPM) and always protect yourself when gardening or moving stuff. That storage shed that you haven’t been in for 1+ years might hold a few bugs or pests including honeybees.

Scorpion dangerous

Scorpion dangerous?



Wear gloves while working outside? You should!

Wear gloves! I saw this picture on FaceBook and asked Luge guy if I could use it, he said yes so here it is. Click on the picture, that is one interesting photo of a Black Widow spider. Stings and bites can cause serious health problems, so why get bit if you don’t have to? I would rather get stung by that scorpion than a bite from a Black or Brown Widow. But if you can prevent this then do it, right?

Don’t bring things down from the attic without wearing protection, same applies to the garage. Also just don’t take that box from attic into your house, open it in garage. If you see irregular webbing or it crackles then expect a widow spider. We have many things in Arizona that can cause problems, snakes, scorpions and blister beetles so play it safe – wear gloves.




Black Widow webs







Spiders have always creeped me out and the Black Widow is the ultimate of the creepy ones. Just the way they hang out in their web, hanging upside down and the stickiness of the web is weird. I know spiders eat a lot of bugs (competition) but they in general just look menacing.

A few facts:

  1. More common in the South and Southwest but can be found almost anyplace.
  2. Venom attacks nervous system, dangerous bite but rarely fatal.
  3. Usually outside at night.

New data suggest that insect sting allergy is increasing.


So you’ve been lucky, never been attacked or stung by an insect. Is it luck or are you one of those who may die if stung and you just don’t know it yet? “The rise of deadly insect sing allergies: Is there a cure?” published by Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology article by Medical press.

“Insect sting allergy is increasing, affecting five percent of the population. But what much of the population may not understand is that there is something that can be done about it.”

I’m extremely fortunate that I’m not allergic, especially since I’m in the biz?  So here are a few tips:

  1. Just because you see a honeybee doesn’t mean its going to attack. They are out looking for food and probably could care less about you. Unless, unless yes I said that twice you encounter an Africanized Honeybee colony?
  2. Wear light colored clothes while hiking, honeybees are less likely to become aggressive.
  3. Always wear shoes outside, don’t set them by the backdoor. Scorpions and Black widow spiders may make it their new home.
  4. If you are stung, watch the symptoms – if you feel weird in any way call 911 right away.
  5. You can also check in with Poison Control 1-800-222-1222, this is also a number that should be taught to children
  6. Arizona has some special creepy little things like rattlesnakes, Gila monsters, Africanized Honeybees, tarantulas (usually harmless unless you provoke them), spiders and my favorite Assassin Bug.

Warning signs someone’s been stung by a scorpion MyFox News video and story.

ProBestPestManagementImageFile021      PoisonControl


stinger of bark scorpion magnified

Watch out Spiderman – the Brown Widow is on the move!

Watch out Spiderman – the Brown Widow is on the move!


For some time now the Brown Widow spider has been making its way across the U.S. and taking over the area of their cousins the Black Widow spiders. The University of California Riverside has put together some handy (pun intended) OK don’t be putting your hands in any hidden areas – widows live out of the way in hiding places, at their website for Invasive Species. Please check their site for some very informative and useful information.

Courtesy of UC Riverside

The bite of a brown widow spider is minor in comparison to that of a black widow, but it continues on with some rather weird facts…

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