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No self respecting Bug would Dare – enter my home, or would they?

No self respecting Bug would Dare – enter my home, or would they?


Well it finally happened, the ants came ing into my kitchen Saturday. In my 10 years at this home in Phoenix I’ve only had a few little bugs make their way into the realm of the “Bug Guy”. A few years ago an American Roach had made it’s way into my shower and another had made it’s way into my kitchen but not bad for 10 years. Saturday I got up to make some coffee and there they were on the window sill and counter, trying to make their way into the bag of garbage there. Luckily enough for me I had some TerroPCO to stop them in their tracks. I think I created the issue, we were moving the stone from the back yard to the side and it’s a little higher than it should be, but my goal is to remove it completely and replace it with wood chips or bark.

Now I know what you are thinking – didn’t the ants know better than to come to a house of someone licensed to kill (bugs only)? I think they temporarily lost sight of the real facts, just because there is food handy – its not always free. No free entitlements here at my home, especially to any wayward pests!

They were Black Fire Ants and they were just looking for food, the best way to combat any ants that make their way into your home is to identify and then treat. I decided to try the TerroPCO first and they readily started feeding on it and within 2 days they were gone. You can’t just spray them, this may kill the surface ones but will never solve the problem. You must get to the source and that is the Queen ant, she lays the eggs and you must kill her and the easiest method is for the foragers to take the food home to share.

Pest Control – bed bugs, scorpions,black widow spiders, rattlesnakes – we have it all

Pest Control –  bed bugs, scorpions,black widow spiders, rattlesnakes – we have it all!


I know I have probably said this before but I love my job, every day is new and exciting and you never know from one day to the next what you will be doing. A typical day in the life of Dr. Bug may consist of inspections for bedbugs, termites and wildlife issues.

  • Today for example I started out investigating the root cause of where the termites were entering the building, this is a unique example of building construction allowing gaps and possible entry points for termites into that structure. This coming week I’ll have a chance to look at the problem via the roof and use a brand-new termiticide called Termidor dry. Typically when treating for subterranean termites it is essential to get the material into the ground where they live, this product allows for the introduction of a dry formula into tubes and galleries with the potential for distribution into the colony.
  • I have been working with Channel 3 for a bedbug story and we finally have located a family deserving of some special care, stay tuned for an update from both Channel 3 and progress on some bedbug work.
  • The next stop was another bedbug dilemma, I really feel bad because in most cases the family or person who has the bedbugs wasn’t the one who brought them into their home. The problem with bedbug work is that it is time-consuming and labor extensive.
  • I may get two e-mails from people supplying me with pictures of various bugs, or I may get several calls asking for my opinion about various pest situations. it may be spiders on a tower, or what type of spider is in my home. It’s all in the day of the Dr. Bug.

Now my everyday may not be as exciting as “Billy the Exterminator” or that guy from “Call of the wild” but I’m dealing with everyday people with everyday lives with everyday problems and trying to solve them one day at a time in an efficient manner to the benefit of that customer. So all I can tell you is stay tuned because everyday isn’t boring in the life of the bug guy.

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