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Choosing the Best!

How do you decide on a pest or termite company to service your home? May we suggest some ideas.

Call a Pro… Call the Best. ProBest!

Is the customer always right?



Is the customer always right?


How many business owners do you think ponder this very question on a daily basis? I have an easy answer yes and no! OK maybe it’s not that easy, we put down pesticides daily and yes I have a few that call and tell us what they want and how to do it. Of course we are the ones complying with the Label and yes we are the ones who could get the fine for a misapplication. So that answer is pretty simple – we comply with all labellings and use directions absolutely according to Label, period.

Yes I know the old adage that a happy customer is a happy customer and as long as I keep the bugs out they should be happy right. Well there are other ways of getting on their bad side and I’ll tell you customer service is an art and you have to work at it. It is important to listen and to take into consideration all the aspects of delivering a premium service. I’m reminded of a poster in another office of pest management, I love this point of view and use it daily in the best pest control that we can deliver.

Excellent service isn’t the result of doing any one thing 1,000 % better. It’s the result of doing thousands of things 1% better.
If you can do that you stand closer to SUCCESS!

Dr. Bug plays — Name and Identify that Bug!

Dr. Bug here, do you have a bug you need to identify or just want them gone.  Well we know by looking at this thing that it is a spider, but what kind? My best guess is that is a House Spider of some kind.               Do you have any clue what type spider it might be? My goal is that you send me your photo’s and or bugs and we will post a picture to share with our readers. You never know maybe you can stump Dr. Bug at his own game.

Send your pictures to (just put in subject line – Identify this Bug) or you can send them to 425 W. Guadalupe Road #110, Gilbert, AZ 85233 (just try not to smoosh them to much).

On the road again with Dr. Bug

  On the road again with Dr. Bug



 Explore a real, live collection of bugs with a certified Entomologist! Learn about beneficial bugs, such as butterflies and ladybugs. Learn which insects are considered pests and how to avoid them. Discover good spiders and bad spiders, roaches, beetles, and even scorpions! Each child will receive a free coloring book. Classes with an age fee is per child with 1 unpaid adult permitted.

Instructor: Keith Birkemeyer, ProBest Pest Management
Location: Chandler Environmental Education Center at Veterans Oasis Park


QR Code —– BBB Accreditation

QR Code —– BBB Accreditation

How about writing a review for ProBest Pest Management, use the QR Code above and it will take you to the Better Business Bureau site to review us.

Pigeons and their mess…

Pigeons and their mess…

Pigeons can cause quite a mess and yet some people love and feed these pests! I have written post here before and a few people have given me their opinion and frankly I like birds. I would prefer that they do their nature thing but man has created the opportunity for many animals and pests to adapt to us. It’s really not the fault of the animal it’s just doing what it does, it needs food, shelter and water just like us. But what do you really know about them? Here are a few tidbits of information.

  • Pigeons are generational – that means that when born on your roof they will continue to come back there forever, unless permanently moved.
  • In nature they eat seeds, but will adapt to whatever we feed them.
  • Some people raise pigeons like Mike Tyson and HRH Queen Elizabeth.
  • They have a significant place in history, including Noah’s Ark, air mail service and as Passenger Pigeons.
  • There are a number of diseases associated with pigeon droppings including  Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, and Psittacosis.
  • Birds foul many buildings, statues and homes with their feces.

About the only way to remove them from your home is to exclude them, use hardware cloth and I would suggest not feeding them. Let them find food on their own and maybe they might move on.






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