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How much termite pressure is on your home?


Photo by FMC

So just how much pressure is on your home, that question is important and many factors play into this equation.

  1. If you live on the East Coast or Gulf of Mexico the pressure will be greater than if you lived up North. Yes you do have termites in the North but because of he extreme cold the pressure will be reduced.
  2. Water plays a big part of the pressure round your home. When people started to settle in Arizona they brought in non-native plants which required more watering. Flood and drip irrigation = humidity level goes up.
  3. We sometimes play right into the termites hand by building structures right where they live in the ground. We also allow wood to touch the ground, this really makes it easier on the termites.
  4. If you add onto your home insist on a pretreat, even if your build a shed pretreat the soil before the concrete slab goes into place.

Termites in the kitchen – it does happen








This little termite mud tube popped up inside a kitchen cabinet, actually came up the inside crack from the stem wall of the home. Homeowner quickly spotted the activity and gave us a call to perform a termite treatment on their house.

Always be on the lookout for mud or dirt staining with your home, termites build mud tubes or tunnels on the outside foundation wall to gain access into the house.

Those termites just won’t give up, will they?



One thing I have noticed over my years is that those termites just keep on going, much like that Energizer Bunny. They are searching       24/7/365 and won’t stop until they find food, they may turn and go another way but they keep on going.


In nature they just set off in search of food, they follow roots and sometimes get to concrete and turn left or right and follow it again until they find wood or food.


So if you see trails like this, or mud tubes or down tubes hanging from a ceiling it is time to call your Pest Management Professional.


Call ProBest Pest Management at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 for your termite or pest inspection.

Termites can’t read…

I guess it is somewhat ironic that the termites found this box and decided to eat the cardboard. They didn’t get to the bait but they were on their way into the box and the contents. This came from one of my customers that had this box in their garage and the termites found the cardboard. Termite will eat anything that has cellulose in it and will often times cause damage to drywall and books. Got Termites –  give ProBest Pest Management a call at 480-831-9328 for quality termite work .

Gilbert termite control

Gilbert termite control






Why won’t the termites give up?











That is a great question. I guess when your hungry you just keep right at it until you find the food. Termites just keep searching 24/7/365 until they find a food source. What does a termite issue look like? They build mud tubes similar to the picture, this one is unique because it was lengthy. But if you find something like this call your Professional Termite Company and/or ProBest Pest Management at 480-831-9328

Termite Hourglass


Photo by PPMA and NPMA

Hourglass contains 1 cup of sawdust, which equals what a subterranean termite colony could consume in a 2-hour period. Something to think about? Reminded me of the slogan from the TV Soap “Days of our Lives” – “Like sands through the hourglass .. so are the Days of our Lives.”

Termites are relentless and will work 24/7/365 trying to gain access into your home or business.

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