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Dr Bug a man a mission, spreading facts bugs/reptiles.

Dr Bug wants to thank Ms. Kelli and Mr. Mike and all the young adults for a great session at the Chandler Environmental Education Center. They came from the Extended Family Disability Services, LLC in Chandler, AZ and supplied me some pictures of our time together. I wanted to share these pictures, I had such a great time. Not everyone enjoyed the snakes but hopefully they learned something about the bugs and reptiles.

I made some new friends today and I hope we can get together again for some Bug Zoo type activities.

Everyone is welcome to stop by the office, we have all kinds of critters and from time to time we change things around. Typically snakes, bearded dragon and a spider but we change it up.

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Dr Bug

Dr Bug

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Bug Zoo and guest



So today at the Bug Zoo at Chandler Environmental Education Center I had a rather well informed bug guy (parent). Not usual for me to have another expert on hand but I met Rubin and he has way more spiders and stuff than I do. Plus he and his child were wearing Tarantula t-shirts that were way cool.



Plus the fact that he took out the tarantula and played with it, something I have never done nor will do. See the fangs on this spider.


He also has stuff I don’t have so maybe we will be getting some new bugs for our zoo. He has some baby Domino Cockroaches and a WhipScorpion so stay tuned for more exciting news on the zoo update.

Oh and by the way –  The Phoenix Zoo announced today that they’ve acquired animals from the recently closed Las Vegas Zoo: two Patagonian cavies, two red-rumped agoutis and two Chinese alligators. The Zoo is one of multiple facilities offering assistance to provide for the animals from the Las Vegas Zoo.  Website is

The love of adventure – the quest for knowledge!


The quest for knowledge continues at our Bug Zoo at the Chandler Environmental Education Center. I really enjoy teaching the kids about the bugs and wildlife. It is gratifying to learn that one little one learned about Bark Scorpions and got Mom or Dad to catch the little interloper inside the home and dispatch it to to scorpion heaven.

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Check the schedule on the side panel calendar and stop by for our Bug Zoo at Chandler Environmental Education Center.

My favorite bug is on the prowl – Assassin Bug


While teaching at the Chandler Environmental Education Center one of the parents asked me what this bug was? Why of course it’s my buddy the Assassin Bug. I really love the look and often times checkered pattern of this insect.

1265     1262

They prefer to attack animals such as cattle and horses but if they get trapped in your home they will bite whatever they can. So keep those doors closed and those screens repaired. Stay safe and check your homes frequently.

What triggers the attack of Africanized Honeybees?


Loud noises or vibrations,  sometimes just the smell – maybe aftershave or cologne and for sure don’t throw things. Here is some information from WikiHow at with pictures.

An incident this last week in Tucson can remind us of the dangers that surround us. Children at an early stage should be instructed in what is good and what is bed in nature. That is one reason why Dr. Bug teaches a class at the Chandler Environmental Education Center.


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