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Silverfish attic – book pests

Where do silverfish live? My books are being eaten by something, what could it be?

How many people do you think bring in boxes into the house during Christmas or other occasions without thinking about pests? That pest, mouse or squirrel may have been living in that box all winter until it found itself within your home and all heck breaks loose. The silverfish may be eating the paper, glue or any binding on a book it can find. That mouse or squirrel may have set up to give birth in that warm and comfy attic space away from all the hub bub. Check out Bob Vila’s Top 5 Spring Pest Proofing Tips.




All I can think about is “Christmas Vacation” where that squirrel jumps out of the Christmas tree. Boy wouldn’t that give you a start?




OK I have a great idea, what do you think?

Woman called cops over stick insects gift

OK I’ve come up with a great service, let’s say your kids get a weird bug/insect gift for Christmas or their Birthday and you don’t want it.

Send it to ProBest Pest Management

425 W. Guadalupe Road #110

Gilbert, Arizona 85233


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Oh and by the way don’t call 911 – they might take you to jail, it’s for emergencies only…

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

Maybe one you can add this year would be to make your home pest free.

  1. Home-seal your home.
  2. Clean up the weeds and stuff around the home.
  3. Check your attic before returning all that Christmas stuff.
  4. Hire a professional pest management company.Picture8

Not a creature was stirring… facts about mice

Not a creature was stirring… facts about mice

Creature – Lets start with a few facts:

  1. A family of six mice can grow to 50 – 60 mice in only 90 days.
  2. Mice can just about live anywhere from the tropic to the cold regions.
  3. They love to nibble and again will just about nibble on anything.
  4. Urinate as they run, so not only eating things but damaging or contaminating as well.
  5. Mice can use cardboard as nesting materials.

A few tips to stop them from getting in and staying in.

  1. Home-seal, no holes – mice only need a hole the size of a dime.
  2. Always use gloves when transferring boxes from attic or garage.
  3. Make sure your garage door is sealed.
  4. Make sure your screen are in place and in good condition.
  5. Don’t leave pet food out, if storing please put in containers.

Photo by Univar

Tips for preventing pests at Christmas time.


I’m not talking about uninvited people showing up at Christmas time and/or those over staying their welcome. Let’s talk about bringing in Christmas trees and the creatures we may be bringing in as well.

  1. Always check your Christmas tree for things like squirrels, remember the “Christmas Vacation” movie (I really love that movie) hilarious.
  2. Use caution when bringing things down from the attic, go through and make sure there are no rodents, bats or wildlife living in the boxes.
  3. While you are in the attic, do a little inspection – check for termites (mud or dirt and damaged wood), do you see feces from rodents or bird nests.
  4. Use caution when putting up Christmas decorations outside, you might disturb wildlife and you may accidentally fall.
  5. Use caution putting decorations into trees or bushes, critters may live there.


Ho, Ho Ho – Pest Tips for the Christmas Season

  Ho, Ho Ho – Pest Tips for the Christmas Season

As the season approaches and you begin the work to set up all those decorations we thought we should share a few tips on decorating:

  1. If you stored anything in your attic, check those boxes before you bring them into your home. I suggest opening them in your garage and unpacking before distributing them throughout your home. (Rodents, roaches, scorpions and all types of nasty critters could be making a home within those boxes).
  2. Check that Christmas tree before bringing it into your home, bird and bugs could be living within those branches. Some bugs lay eggs or egg cases on trees and plant, so take care. Also check any wreaths or homemade type of decorations for insects or eggs.
  3. If your putting up lights or decorations outside, check for signs of infestations such as birds nesting in eaves and honeybees going in and out from a hole or crack.
  4. If you are putting decorations on you roof (be careful) but check for any signs of infestation. Rodents and wildlife may be scratching or clawing at wood or shingles trying to gain entry, this is a great time to check for any type of activity.
  5. If your putting lights on shrubs or trees, check for signs of nesting such as pack rats and other types of birds.
  6. If you bring in firewood, only take in what you re going to use right away. Some beetles lays eggs in wood and if it is warmer in the home they may decide it’s summer time and exit the wood.


Merry Christmas to all our friends may you enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable pest free holiday season and just remember we are but a phone call away.

ProBest Pest Management

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Gilbert, AZ 85233

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Mischievous creatures and rodents.

Mischievous creatures and Rodents..


I’m often reminded of the Christmas Vacation movie and the “Chevy Chase” aka  Clark Griswold’s Aunt’s  cat chewed the Christmas light strand one and the squirrel in the Christmas Tree stills gets me laughing.  But in reality it’s no laughing matter, each year hundreds if not thousands of homes catch fire because of critters chewing or gnawing on the wires.  Two fires cause minimal damage over the weekend – these were in Florida.

Attics and crawlspaces can house birds, animals, and rodents. Their feces/urine can build up over time and create a whole boatload of trouble for you. Diseases and parasites are secondary issues after the issues has been fixed. Once a month check you home for holes, entry ways into your house and just anything that may be different than the last time checked.

mischievous creatures

Photo from PPMA

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