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In 2005 ProBest earned this coveted mark of excellence, only a year after National Pest Management Association started the program. Current ownership happened in 2005 and we saw the upgrade to almost every part of our strategy to stay above the rest.

We also saw the need to become part of Crimshield in 2008, we background our employee’s each and every year just to be sure there are no surprises.


Is hiring a unlicensed Pest Control company a good choice?


My list and answer could go on forever on this subject but I ran into a rather good article from Texas on this very topic and thought I would share it.

Texas has an updated online tool to help people make intellegient choices on who they pick to perform pest control services for their homes, families and businesses. Now if you are in Texas here is the link, here are just a few of the remarks mentioned in the article.

Unlicensed pest control applicators might work cheaper but their work can be deadly to families and business employees, officials said Tuesday.

“Unlicensed people may potentially run a higher risk of being unfamiliar with laws and safety precautions and training and practices,”

“Safety and security are important factors when letting someone in your home,”

In Arizona the Office of Pest Management regulates the pest control industry and provides a Consumer link to various and very useful information. They also provide Termite Action Report Forms (TARFs) or a tool to see what termite work was done on a home.


ProBest Pest Management delivers on new service – document disposal

Did you Know…

  • The average American uses seven trees a year in paper, wood, and other products made from trees. This amounts to about 2,000,000,000 trees per year!
  • Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away each year in the U.S.
  • Recycling creates 1.1 million U.S. jobs, $236 billion in gross annual sales and $37 billion in annual payrolls.
  • Thousands of U.S. companies have saved millions of dollars through their voluntary recycling programs. They wouldn’t recycle if it didn’t make economic sense.
  • Recycling creates four jobs for every one job created in the waste management and disposal industries.

ProBest Pest Management and our U.S. Contract Postal Unit will now have on hand – secure drop off bins for easy destruction of personal papers and documents. We have teamed up with TNT Shredding – you drop off your papers and documents to a secure bin and they pick up and shred.


is the international trade association for companies providing information destruction services. The NAID Certification Program establishes standards for safety, security, and privacy needed to be maintained by certified companies.

BBB (Better Business Bureau)

A BBB Accredited Business since 12/15/2009. BBB has determined that TNT Shredding, LLC meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.


NAID is the international trade association for companies providing information destruction services. The NAID Certification Program establishes standards for safety, security, and privacy needed to be maintained by certified companies.


InfoSafe is the industry leading information security and privacy compliance certification program. InfoSafe forces companies to have the necessary administrative, physical, and technical required by all major federal, state and industry regulations.

It’s scary out there! Bugs, criminals or who knows what?

It’s scary out there! Bugs, criminals or who knows what?



Effective September 07, 2012 the Office of Pest Management (OPM) has limited background investigations they are completing to the minimum required by the rules.

– Applicants will be asked about whether they have EVER been convicted of a felony.

– A class 6 undesignated offense is a felony until set aside, expunged, undesignated, or reduced to a misdemeanor.


– A consumer alert will be added to the OPM website stressing to customers that they should know who they are hiring and some questions they may want to ask.

Scott Richardson (JaburgWilk) can help your pest control company prosper and guide you through legal or regulatory challenges. Contact Scott at 602-248-1012 or for more information on pest control law and representation.

     Since 2008 ProBest Pest Management has been certified by Crime Free Circle. ProBest through Crimshield runs background checks yearly on all field employees.

Welcome to, We are dedicated to bringing every home owner and business owner a safe in-home or on-premises contractor services. We are your one stop shop for quality Crimshield Certified crime free companies, offering thousands of services. Why blindly pick a company and gamble with your safety? Studies show that 1 out of 6 service providers entering your home or business are criminals. Let Crime Free Circle give you certified crime free alternatives.

​A BIG THANK YOU to all my READERS – ProBest Blog


You know you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with! Many people I interact with on a daily basis come from our social media sites including Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and our contacts within our Post Office. Our employee’s interact every single day with customers and are the FACE of ProBest Pest Management, I couldn’t do everything I do without them. It’s not easy but we do believe in Customer Service!

So thanks to all you read the home seal and are customers of ProBest Pest Management – We appreciate you each and every day!


Did you have great service with another local business here in Arizona, tell us about it?

Crimshield Comparison

Crimshield Comparison

This is exactly why ProBest Pest Management belongs to Crimshield, because we value you, your family and your business. We do everything possible to ensure that you are protected from scrupulous and nefarious people (I always wanted to say that).

Who are you letting into your home = ProBest Pest Management!

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