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50% Off

50% Off

50% Off


Have you seen those offers for 50% Off, just what are you getting? You don’t know where they started and what they really want except your business? How about a plain and simple number $45 anytime you call for pest control (under 2000 square foot home, not included termites, German roaches  honeybees, gophers  and or bedbugs). Just plain and simple $45 for monthly, every other month or quarterly.

Are they charging you more for every other month and quarterly, WE DON’T so why should you continue paying those higher fees. Call us and see what options we have for you, check us out on the BBB site

You know exactly where you stand, no 50% off, no initial fees – and here is what we do each and every time.

  1. Come to your house and check in with you, with a Webber broom in hand.
  2. Backpack spray around the bottom of home, block walls and anyplace we think bugs may hide.
  3. Granulate if necessary or use products for outside ants.
  4. Use a hand duster to put DE or dust into cracks and voids.
  5. If you’re home, treat garage and  check back with you. We will email you a service slip.
  6. We will advise and make written notes on anything that you might need to know, water leaking etc. Or bring to your attention any other bug/wildlife issues.

ProBest is here when you need us, “Call A Pro… Call The Best. ProBest! 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

ProBest handles rodents, termites, honeybees and removal, Pocket Gophers, birds, wildlife and weeds. For all your Pest needs just one call does it all. 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

Advertising, what works?

I think that advertising and marketing are the biggest questions racking the brains of small businesses everyday. Marketing is that action of promoting your products or services. You as a business person decide on your product or service and ultimately people then decide to buy. Marketing is used to create the customer, to keep the customer & to satisfy the customer. With your customer as the focus of its activities, it can be concluded that marketing is one of the premier components of business management theories and the other being innovation. Phone books are a thing of the past except if you are marketing to seniors or areas where seniors are living, they may not use smart phones yet. They may still use phone books, the growing trend for younger people is mobile or internet ads. They also rely on word of mouth to decide on what they may purchase. So today you have to be on top of all these marketing skills to promote your companies. Most of our work comes from referrals and the word of mouth of previous customers. People have used ProBest for over 35+ years and we still have a few termite warranties in place from the early 1980’s.

So what type of ads work, that continues to be the $64,000 question? Do you have any opinions, what works for you and your company, share your ideas please?






What kind of service is right for you?

What kind of service is right for you?

I often think about service and what is really necessay to control the pests in and around our homes. Every home is different and with that in mind every treatment is or could be different. So what is right for you Monthly, Every other Month or Quarterly? So here are a few questions with this in mind:

  • What is the pest pressure?
  • What time of year does the pressure increase?
  • What kind of pests are you encountering, scorpions?
  • Do you water by drip irrigation or flood irrigation?
  • Scorpion activity is different from cricket activity, why does that matter?


We try to customize each visit with those questions in mind, sometimes it is essential to change pesticide formulations and or change frequency but we will always discuss options with you.



Feedback by clients or customers!

Feedback by clients or customers!


I was recently asked by my Chemical Distributor (Univar) for my opinion, they actually flew me to Dallas, TX and conducted a feedback session for two days for input related to my experiences with their company –  field and inside sales department. I participated with 16 other members from across the US and I must tell you it was an informative and eye opening experience. I must hand it to management – this was a great idea and I hope enlightening for them as well. We talked about expectations of online services, field and inside sales and how they could make the experience easier and better for us.

So this got me to thinking about how ProBest Pest Management can seek out those experiences from our customers. We do gage some of our work from review sites like and and Manta right on our home seal site. You can always send us an email ProBest Pest Management – contact us. Did you know that we have a VIP page just for our loyal customers?

​A BIG THANK YOU to all my READERS – ProBest Blog


You know you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with! Many people I interact with on a daily basis come from our social media sites including Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and our contacts within our Post Office. Our employee’s interact every single day with customers and are the FACE of ProBest Pest Management, I couldn’t do everything I do without them. It’s not easy but we do believe in Customer Service!

So thanks to all you read the home seal and are customers of ProBest Pest Management – We appreciate you each and every day!


Did you have great service with another local business here in Arizona, tell us about it?

Dirty Dining – Local coverage by KPHO

Dirty Dining – Local coverage by KPHO

One of the things that I love to do is eat and if I’m correct lots of people probably agree with me on this subject. Now with that being said what I dislike are the restaurants that don’t follow the right course of action when it comes to cleanliness. I absolutely think KPHO (Dirty Dining) is right on the money when they follow these stories and those restaurants should pay the price – no customers until they clean up their acts. The other thing I like about this series is that they also highlight the good guys as well.


Every week CBS 5 News is sent a list of restaurants that have been recently inspected by Maricopa County’s Environmental Services Dept. Thanks to KPHO for publishing the facts. Here is the way in which they are rated “Restaurant Ratings“.


Marketing ideas, advertising and directories! Pt 5 Pest Control Ideas

Marketing ideas, advertising and directories! Pt 5 Pest Control Ideas

Advertising Wrap-up

My opinions on advertising and what worked for ProBest!

  1. Anything that brings customers to your door is a Win, Win – period.
  2. If you track it, weed it out or continue to use the technique.
  3. Be consistent!
  4. Think outside that box – I hate this expression but I guess it is what it is.
  5. If it works for you forget what others may say.
  6. It’s all about keeping customers and gaining new ones to grow. Think like a customer!

If you need some help, I don’t profess to know it all but maybe we can come up with some new ideas together! Send an email to


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