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Got odors or smells?

Odors or smells

Odors or smell that just would leave your house? This machine is great for getting rid of those lingering strange smells. Its great for mold and mildew smells and old cigarette smell. ProBest Pest Management just happens to have this machine. You purchase a canister and air gently filters to get rid of that obnoxious smell.  Call us today to rent the machine 480-831-9328. Cartridges last from 30 to 120 depending on use and can treat approximately 20,000 cubic feet. The canisters do come in additional smells, like lavender etc but it often times can overdo the smell so I like the general heavy duty canister.

Ken B. used this machine when he purchased a home. He had a smoky musty older from a partial basement, ran the machine for several days downstairs and upstairs and the smell is gone.

Odors or smells


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Odors or smells

Wow huge YellowJacket nest, it would scare me?


If you follow this home seal you know how often I remind you that you need to check your property. I recommend monthly and if this homeowner had checked, someone should have noticed this massive hive.

Massive wasp nest removed from Winter Haven home

Estimated to contain 15,000 yellow-jackets and it is expected to take 48 hours to completely get rid of the nest and inhabitants.

Photo by PPMA

Photo by PPMA

What do you want to know by ProBest Pest Management!


What is up with flies and dead things?

  • The life cycle of flies play an important role in the decomposition of dead bodies and in nature this is how dead animals etc are turned back into soil and nutrients.
  • It’s not just flies but beetles and other bugs help to turn flesh into soil nutrients.
  • Blow flies are most often associated with dead things.
  • Blow flies can find dead flesh within minutes.
  • A fly maggot mass can reduce the body weight of a dead animal by 50% in a few weeks.
  • The study of this is called Forensic Entomology and concerns the time and manner of death.

Urban Myth – maybe so on Praying Mantis



You thought having bugs was a real pain, the mating process is a lot tougher on those bugs  involved. The Black Widow, well we know how she got her name and the Praying Mantis often get their heads chopped off my one or the other in that mating ritual. So now we have the ultimate answer, or maybe not. “Do Female Praying Mantis always eat the males?”,  Published in Entomology Today and video from the Smithsonian Channel.

Beware the cave of death!


Beware the cave of death! Not really but it does hold the Arizone Bark Scorpions. It is fun to show off these little pests that can easily make it into homes and businesses.

One of the perks of my teaching or events that I attend is the fact that I have bugs and stuff to show off. That is a big draw for children of all ages, they all want to see the collection.

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What is Rabies?

raccoon1    What is Rabies?


Rabies is a deadly viral infection that is mainly spread by infected animals. Rabies is spread by infected saliva that enters the body through a bite or broken skin. The virus travels from the wound to the brain, where it causes swelling, or inflammation. This inflammation leads to symptoms of the disease. Most rabies deaths occur in children. Untreated, rabies can lead to coma and death.

Can snakes cause rabies, the answer is no – only warm blooded animals carry the virus. You can still become sick from a wound caused by a snake, just make sure to clean the wounds really well. Rabies causes about 55,000 human deaths annually worldwide. 95% of human deaths due to rabies occur in Asia and Africa. Roughly 97% of human rabies cases result from dog bites.

In the Southwest, rabies shows up mostly in bats followed by skunks. However, it is estimated that fewer than 1% of bats carry rabies.

What is the best advice – stay away from sickly looking animals, don’t touch or handle wildlife. There is a reason why they are called wildlife…

These little suckers transmit some nasty stuff…

These little suckers transmit some nasty stuff…

Nearly one million people die of malaria every year, mostly infants, young children, and pregnant women, and most of them in Africa. An estimated 50 to 100 million people contract dengue each year in over 100 countries. West Nile virus first emerged in the Western Hemisphere in 1999 in the New York City area and has since spread across the United States. The virus is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes.

Hantavirus a Real Threat to SouthWest…

Hantavirus a Real Threat to SouthWest…


I was watching Ice Road Truckers the other night and caught the program where the guy got really sick and they determined that he had mice inside the cab of his truck = Hantavirus. The Southwest is experiencing an increase in this disease, 18 confirmed cases mostly from the west AZ, CO, NM, CA, ID, MT, WA – (New York and Iowa was in the mix).

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrone (HPS) is a viral disease characterized by fever, a severe pulmonary (lung) illness and often a fatal outcome. The case-fatality ratio with HPS is 43% (meaning 43% of people with HPS die).

Hantavirus A Threat… Rodent Disease on the Rise

Adams County,CO Woman Dies from Hantavirus

Facts about Hantavirus

Important reminders – HOT, HOT and HOTTER

Well its pretty much hot everywhere in the U.S. so I found this the other day and thought I would pass it along. It doesn’t take long at all to go from Hot to really Hot. With temperatures across the county at some of  highest on record, this list really explains the reason why you should never leave children or pets in a car. This goes for leaving the car running as well, things happens and what if the vehicle stopped even for a few minutes.

I’m amazed that critters like mice, rodents or pigeons can survive in attics but they do. So please check your roof lines for holes or crack where critters can get in. Check for bees and seal those holes before they get in. What’s that quote  – “An ounce of prevention is worth is worth a pound of cure. ” Benjamin Franklin

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