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Hantavirus is serious, what precautions can you take?


Alert: New Mexico Health Department confirms fatality in NorthWest New Mexico.

Hantavirus is a deadly disease transmitted by infected rodents through urine, droppings or saliva. People can contract the disease when they breathe in aerosolized virus.

CDC Hantavirus site


  1. Seal the home or cabin.
  2. Trap or use outside rodent bait/trap stations to reduce numbers, I also suggest TickBoxes.
  3. Reduce food sources, don’t leave out dog/cat food.
  4. Don’t allow clutter to get the best of your home.
  5. Trim trees and bushes.
  6. When cleaning cabins or homes, use a dust mask and follow the CDC guidelines on cleaning.
  7. Rodents cause other issues, be safe and follow CDC guidelines.


Where will bees take up residence?


We all need to bee aware in Arizona and pretty much all of the South U.S. This is an example of why, this picture is a water meter box and if you look close you will see honeybees going in and out of the entrance . What would happen if children were playing and ran across the lid, or fell on the meter box?



What would happen if you decided to check your water meter box and lifted the lid without seeing the bees, catastrophe well maybe? So please see the checklist below and use caution in and around your home!

  1. Check your home monthly especially in the Spring and Fall, check eaves and roof-line.
  2. Check your property, sheds and storage.
  3. Keep an eye out for meter boxes or electrical boxes.
  4. If a swarm enters your property and alights on a tree branch, wait – they may move. If they go to and from your home, then it is time to call.
  5. Remember bees don’t know a dog house from a tree.
  6. Remember if you decide to treat, you can’t call the bees back once they are excited and upset.

This is what happens when we don’t think!

This is what happens when we don’t think!


How many times have you heard someone get tired of a pet and just discard it. Its a shame and really should be against the law, consider the pet and make a common sense decision. How long will it live,  the larger cockatoos can live 30–70 years depending on the species or occasionally longer and Cockatiels can live for about 20 years and is that a commitment you have time for?

Well anyway back to the actual story for the home seal – 18 ft 8 inch Python (Associated Press) recently caught in Florida and weighed 128 pounds. This new Python exceeds the old one by an inch. The speculation is that during a hurricane a building was destroyed and the snakes got loose. But you hears stories similar to this frequently, sometimes even the giant alligator in the NYC sewers.

If you can no longer take care of the pet please do some homework there are usually shelters and rescue groups that will help. My best friends in Ohio take care of foster dogs  and both of my dogs are rescues.



Oh oh Demon dogs….

You’ve heard about dogs used to sniff drugs etc but what about honeybees?

So far I’ve heard about dogs for drugs, termites and bed bugs, pigs for truffles, rats for bombs and now honeybees are being trained to sniff out bombs. I think this is a great idea, and its happening in a place where it is needed. Croatian scientists training bees to detect explosives and landmines, they are training the honeybees to focus on TNT.

Apparently honeybees are able to smell flowers from about 2.7 miles and are equal or better than dogs. Now just for the record I would hate to see dogs used in this mission, I guess it is necessary just like Police dogs but terrible when one gets hurt. By the way I support the intentional injuring or killing of a police dog to that of killing a Police Officer and should be a felony.

Blaze  This is Blaze, K9 partner of  a Orange County, FL Sheriff Deputy Nicholas Blazina. Nick was one of the Scouts of Troop 234 Longwood, Fl where I was an Assistant Scoutmaster. Great job Nick & Blaze and thank you for your service to Protect and Serve.

What about those things that bite?

What about those things that bite?


I think all of us understand that there are many hazards out in the world, from a dog to a bat – these things bite. One of the biggest things I teach to the young kids that either frequent my business or attend my class at the Chandler Environmental Center – never touch something you are unfamiliar with.

Many people especially here in Arizona love to hike, you just need to be consistently aware of the surroundings. You may have to run or get away from something, so its always good to have a way out. Just recently we had some hikers on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix that were attacked by bees. One person died from injuries not from the bees but from falling. A number of years ago a Mountain Lion attacked someone in Sabino Canyon in Tucson and occasionally a bear gets to close to people in Flagstaff.

So along with the normal things that we should avoid like raccoons, skunks, coyotes, wild pigs & javelinas and don’t forget about the not so innocent ones like Gila Monsters, snakes, scorpions and spiders. Teach the youngsters that just because they look dead, they may not be.

The outdoors is a wonderful place but it also belongs to the wild things and they may not care for you intruding upon their areas.


My tech’s are smarter than your tech’s!

My tech’s are smarter than your tech’s!


I’m fascinated with those bumper stickers that people put on their vehicles. Remember those “Baby on Board” stickers, or those “My Dog is Smarter than your Honor Student”. Well I’m being sarcastic about my tech’s being smarter but they do get a lot of training to do their jobs. I would stack them up against the Industry Pro’s out there, I think they are hands above on training against the Pest Control Industry .


200x’s the sniffer – Bed Bug Dogs

200x’s the sniffer – Bed Bug Dogs


I’m all about efficiency but the Bed Bug dogs got it going on. I had this school that thought they might have an issue with Bed Bugs and I thought WOW just how many places could a Bed Bug hide. Well I can now tell you – thousands maybe tens of thousands. From carpet tack strips to electrical outlets, from back packs and wall paintings to – well you get the picture right – anyplace where there is a crack or crevice. It only takes a small space ——————————– maybe that line right there to hide something like a Bed Bug. That dog Olivia was amazing, she went around the room with her handler and sniffed and sniffed, this would have taken me hours and I might have missed something.

Come on look at that face – only a Bed Bug should be scared!

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