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What’s sleeping in your bed?

What’s sleeping in your bed?

The more I watch TV the more it scares me, I hate those commercials that say “How old is your bed, if your bed is over 8 years it has 10 pounds of stuff in it”, just what I don’t want to hear. It’s bad enough thinking about dust mites or worse yet Bed Bugs but you spend a great deal of time in that bed.

When the Great Bed Bug scare came I decided we needed to invest in some mattress and box spring en-casements and let me tell you I can now sleep without the thought of those critters jumping around more than counting sheep. There are a few side benefits about these en-casements, here they are:

  • They keep things in and things out, now remember Bed Bugs just don’t live on beds.
  • They keep out urine, sweat and anything else you might spill on them. Accidents happen like babies sprouting a geyser or the accidental dog or cat issue.
  • Allergens especially within the bed can be kept to a minimal amount.
  • These en-casements are not like years of past, they are crinkly and make noise. They aren’t as hot either.

So think about an en-casement as a way to protect and maybe extend the life of that mattress and box spring.


Verifi™ by FMC for Bed Bugs

Verifi™ by FMC for Bed Bugs

OK the rumor mill advises that these products will be shipping on the 15th of April and I have it on good authority that is the case.

Are you a property manager, hotel/motel operator, realtor or homeowner that just wants to know if you have Bed Bugs. Then this is the tool for you with Peace of Mind!

Thanks to FMC and Univar for supplying the artwork above with a few modifications by ProBest.

What are the 6 kinds of Bed Bugs?

What are the 6 kinds of Bed Bugs?

OK I’m stealing this from Jeff Tucker with BASF but I thought it was great and I added one to the mix.

  1. Live Bed Bugs
  2. Frozen Bed Bugs
  3. Heated Bed Bugs
  4. Steamed Bed Bugs
  5. Dead Bed Bugs
  6. Gone

Scare us to death! Bedbug story

Oh great another Bed Bug story to scare us to death!

Researchers say inbred bedbugs can thrive, that single female can lead to infestation

Bedbugs can cause us anxiety but not sure about scared to death. Bed bugs have become the scourge of most some homes, business and people gather like Libraries. I recently saw a video of a guy at a fast food place and they filmed him with bed bugs crawling on his shirt. We really need to be aware that they do travel, luggage racks, food carts etc. They are so small that they can travel on bolts and screws within furniture and other devices.



Theaters, Daycare, Nursery – Bed Bugs

Theaters, Daycares  Nursery – The odd places Bed Bugs


Theaters – Holy Bed Bug in theaters Batman, where are these dreaded Bed Bugs coming from? I’m amazed every day when I hear from a customer that they have Bed Bugs and I always ask where they think they came from. Now most of the time they have been traveling or they have guest who have traveled and then spent time at their house. But occasionally I hear some rather weird stories like movie theaters, children visiting or backpacks being brought home from school.

The biggest issue with me is education, the more you know the more informed you are about the issue. But you also must be wary of wrong information – the web is full of information and misinformation. You can also get different opinions on any given subject, I recently gave my opinion about how long it takes to kill Bed Bugs in a dryer – I said 1 hour and the person said I talked with so and so and they said 40 minutes then another at 30 minutes. My theory was better safe than sorry  at an hour.

So before you head off to follow the advice get a second opinion and use common sense. Don’t use gasoline, kerosene anything that is highly flammable or anything that is dangerous without reading the Label or MSDS, always be safe.

What’s the weirdest place you have seen or heard about Bed Bugs? Comment below please…


Photo by NPMA theaters

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