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Talk buggy to me baby, why Bed Bugs might be resistant to pesticides?

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All the bugs are talking about it, and it turns out a lot of Entomologist/Scientists are talking as well. “How Bed Bugs shrug off pesticides and simple measures to deal with it.” I don’t care how much we complain but the EPA will never let certain pesticides come back, gone are DDT, Chlordane and all of its little partners. Once gone from their books and it’s never coming back, trust me on this one.

“Every living thing on Earth has a unique set of strategies to adapt to life-threatening situations in the environment,” said Fang Zhu, Ph.D., a leader of the research who spoke at the meeting.”The surprise discovery we never expected is that most of the genes responsible for pesticide resistance in the bedbug are active in its outer skin-like shell or cuticle. This is the unique adaption that has not been discovered in cockroaches, termites, ants or other insects.”

It is research like this that will continue to be the mainstay of pest control, using their bug weakness to fight them. The pest control industry can still use their super powers daily to combat these little blood suckers.

A personal experience with bed bugs by Dr. Mike Merchant

A personal experience with bed bugs by Dr. Mike Merchant (re-home seal)

His daughter called , a visit to her apartment the next day revealed 200 to 300 bed bugs happily tucked away in the corners of the fitted sheets, dust ruffle and box spring cover of her bed.

Often times when we talk about an infestation we are talking about the issues involved with a customer perspective in mind. Mike recently had a Bed Bug issue of his own, so please take a moment to see how he dealt with the problems “A personal experience with bed bugs” and gain his insights into the mind of someone who has to deal with Bed Bugs in their home.

On the road again with Dr. Bug

  On the road again with Dr. Bug



 Explore a real, live collection of bugs with a certified Entomologist! Learn about beneficial bugs, such as butterflies and ladybugs. Learn which insects are considered pests and how to avoid them. Discover good spiders and bad spiders, roaches, beetles, and even scorpions! Each child will receive a free coloring book. Classes with an age fee is per child with 1 unpaid adult permitted.

Instructor: Keith Birkemeyer, ProBest Pest Management
Location: Chandler Environmental Education Center at Veterans Oasis Park


This is too funny….. to much time on their hands… Blood – sucking spiders

This is too funny….. to much time on their hands…




If you ever get the chance to hear Dr. Jerome Goddard University of Mississippi Medical Entomologist – you must, he is exciting and just full of knowledge. Thanks to http://home for bringing this to my attention. He and some of his students put this little video together, don’t go out in the woods alone…. Here is his youtube site info, he has a few more informative video’s available –

Entomology description…

Entomology description

Entomology I love bugs. I love researching and finding great articles that explain the things that make us all unique in this world. If we were all the same the world would be a very dull place to live, work and play.

Julie Ray wrote an article at on “What is an Entomologist“. Julie’s bio from that page “I recently completed my PhD in Ecological Sciences. Now establishing a facility for conservation called La MICA Biological Station ( It is located in central Panama and is a community-based project focusing on conservation of the local environment, culture, and history.” It is a very interesting explanation of the job/career of someone who does that kind of work.

I would add one more explanation to her article – Pest Control, she did touch on the work of pesticides and agriculture. If you have read any of my other home seals pages you would know that I really believe in IPM or Integrated Pest Management, PESP and  the use of all the tools to get rid of pests before you get to pesticides.

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