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Facebook & blogging

Facebook & blogging

Facebook & blogging, is this the wave of the future in spreading the news? However you get your news, it is important to filter it. Don’t believe everything you hear, because most of it may not be real but FAKE news. The one thing I do know is bugs, many years of hearing about them and getting rid of them. How about a few stories? Do you spend hours on Facebook or blogging?

We did a bed bug service and the condo owner wanted all of the inside stuff thrown away, some was big so we threw it into the outside dumpsters. The temperature was well about 100 and we received a call that we couldn’t dump trash in dumpsters because the bedbugs would fly out and infest other condo unit. Bedbugs don’t fly…

I went to a new customer who insisted we treat every square inch of her house. At least 7 pretty good size dogs and the minute I stepped on carpet I said NO. The carpet was crunchy and I knew this just wasn’t something I was willing to do regularly.

$1000 phone

$1000 phone


You know what gets my goat? The pricing ($1000 phone) of the newest technology and the pricing of termite work. People are willing to spend $1000 but are shocked by the cost of termite work. There was a report in Florida that compared pricing in 1937 compared to today. A treatment in 1930 cost something like $327 would compare to over $1500 today. Everyday I battle the low price companies, and you get what you pay for. I guess there are companies willing to do it cheap, but we do quality work and stand behind it. We have always tried to do the right thing, it helps me sleep at night.

So think about this when you compare 4-5 hours of work, usually 2 people trenching and applying termiticide. Are you willing to gamble your single biggest investment to a cheap price? Is it going to be done according to Label? What chemical and % is to be used. Are they doing a complete exterior? Is there a warranty and have you checked their reviews (don’t trust them all, but compare and see what they did to fix it)? $1000 phone or technology?

$1000 phone


Marketing Facebook Twitter and Social Media ProBest Pest Management

Marketing and Advertising

is something to really consider, money is the biggest factor in what you pay for is what you get, right? So it pays if you know something about social media aspects or you have to learn as you go. There is a difference between social media 1. marketing – communication between your company and the target audience 2. advertising is that form of marketing used my you to promote your service. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the modes of how to get that message to your audience. A good slogan helps “Call A Pro… Call The Best. ProBest!

Remember a few of the good ones over the years: One of my favorites was that Norelco Christmas spot 1970 with Santa riding the shaver on snow, Coke and its “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”, the Milk commercial with milk on your upper lip. Can you name any of your favorites? Comment below!




What the hell is wrong with people?


So just the other day I wrote about frivolous lawsuits and this story is another of the absolute “what the hell is wrong with people stories” maybe with people going to hell for their acts? In my business we often have to dispatch things, the methods used are not always the nicest but I also don’t get a thrill out of just killing things. If given the chance I would rather move the critter to another location, we move snakes and critters, its not always their fault that they thought your home was a nice tree.

This FaceBook thing also has gotten out of hand, people are posting things that I really don’t want to see. My postings are relative to what I do and I don’t want to see some girl standing at a river throwing puppies in, I think God will get her back for that (Karma) sending her to Hell. “Chicago man tortured, killed rodents, posted the videos to Youtube.”

So again I ask, lets think before we post – the key word here is THINK please. I do realize that I may be somewhat hypothetical, I do kill things but I’m also not showing pictures of my work. I did an article awhile back on hunting and trapping – “Wildlife trapping” and I truly believe hunting and trapping is better for the animals then dieing a slow death from hunger or over population. But torture for torture sake of any living thing is wrong, again my opinion.

Hell Photo by Univar

Photo by Univar

National Pest Conference – Phoenix, AZ. A home sealgers view.


They are taking down the booths and all the exhibits and they are shipping them back to corporate headquarters and the folks are heading home, so was it any fun?

I always have fun when I’m at a bug conference, I enjoy meeting or seeing people I haven’t seen in awhile. I love attending the classes on leadership, marketing and of course new bug stuff. But again I love seeing my ole friends and share the tales of the bug issues we faced since last year. This year my task was to meet up with the people that either read my home seal or share FaceBook  stuff or maybe people that ask questions.

FaceBook has opened the world or maybe a better explantion is that it has made the world smaller. I get asked questions about how we do business in the U.S. and get asked questions about the different types of bugs etc.

Maybe we can all learn something here about the pest industry and world issues. maybe we can all get along and quit complaining about things. Anyway to all my friends that I got to see this last week and the others who couldn’t make it to Phoenix for “PestWorld 2013” thanks for the fun and maybe next year we will see you in Orlando, FL. Here are a few pictures I took of all the fun.


QualityPro Booth


QualityPro Booth with Fred Willey (Invader Pest Management) and Caleb Tannenbaum (Marketing For The Future)


NPMA Board Session

NPMA Board Session

Yes I voted...

Yes I voted…


I’m always confused about this – are you? Coral Snake or Lookalike…





I saw this on FaceBook and thought maybe just maybe if I shared this little saying – somebody would remember it and take care. So maybe print this off and save it someplace that you can see it often to remind yourself. Or better yet, “Don’t touch anything without knowing what it really is”.

So has anybody watched that show called “Snake Salvation” – “They shall take up Serpents” Mark 16: 17-18

I know your not ever to talk about Politics or Religion, Politics would it even matter – I don’t think we can do anything these days about it and Religion – we all have our beliefs. If you want to dance around with snakes who am I to say no, honestly I wouldn’t do it but hey that’s me. What I will do is come to your home or business and with a very long snake grabber, grab and take away the snake.

ProBest Pest Management •425 W. Guadalupe Road #110 • Gilbert, Arizona 85233 • 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

Don’t kill snakes they provide a valuable service by eating and keeping rodent populations in check.

Seminar of Socialnomics with Eric Qualman


I have to say I was greatly impressed with Eric Qualman @EQualman yesterday at the JP Morgan Chase Business Insight seminar series. The seminar was on mobile and social marketing, and since I’m really big in FaceBook and Twitter I thought it would be a great event to learn more especially about mobile marketing.

Here are just a few things he mentioned and I highly recommend you attend his seminar if you have a chance or purchase his book. Also want to thank Chase (Tanya De La Cruz) for the invite for the presentation, check them out at ChaseBis or ChaseSmallBiz

90% of people trust peer reviews

14% trust media

I will share a really funny story (by way of youtube) that he shared with us reference a man who flew on an airline and his guitar was damaged. The airline didn’t think it was their responsibility to pay for the damage, with social media there are always ways to get your point across. There are more cameras in place and with more social interaction today, there are always ways to spread good or bad news. So have you ever been happy or mad enough to possibly do your own video?

See I told you this was going to happen!


This whole mess with the economy continues to add woe after woe to those you can’t or won’t follow good rules. Now if you can’t afford it then the City has to do something (remember when they cut the ranks of sanitation workers), don’t get me wrong if money is tight you have to cut things. Can’t cut Police or the Fire Departments, or the water department – well you get the picture.

An Eyesore Like No Other In Bronx: Tree Grows Through Dilapidated Home


Hey, you talkin to me?

Are you up for some fun & interesting books?

Infesting RodentsFeasting Bedbugsmitesticks

I want to thank Tosha for picking up some fantastic books that we can give as give-a-ways at our pest control/post office. They are a great read for ages 9+ and I think they help to spread the word about bugs in general.

Scurrying Cockroaches by Jon Eben Field

Feasting Bedbugs, Mites & Ticks by Carrie Gleason

Bloodsucking Lice & Fleas by Carrie Gleason

Infesting Rodents by Rachel Eagen

Published by Dalmatian Press, LLC


Bloodsucking Lice&FleasScurrying Cockroaches




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