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Wood Floor Damage

Wood Floor Damage

Wood Floor Damage


Wood floor damage isn’t normal but it does happen. OK so I’ve been around awhile, I have seen lots of termite damage over the years. Remember I came from Florida, now with 30 years of experience and with all the water and a different set of termites, damage is ever present. Not so much here in Arizona, but let’s talk about how they get in?

  • #1 from the outside up the foundation slab.
  • Garages are notorious, I believe the garage is finished last and people walk over the finished termiticide and breaks occur there more often.
  • Any breaks within the concrete – like water pipes, bath-traps, plumbing etc.
  • CRACKS – over time every house moves, even a little bit can crack the concrete. When that concrete moves, it might move the termiticide.

EVERYTHING STARTS AT THE BOTTOM – I don’t care what any termite professional may say, if you don’t stop it there – you haven’t stopped the termites. Some people will use foam, that’s OK to stop any further damage but not good enough to fix the problem.  If the termites are at the ceiling, you must fine them at ground level, not easy buy required. Let me say it again – EVERYTHING STARTS AT THE BOTTOM!

What to expect after treatment?

  • Any damage, may become more obvious. Wood may dry out and become more brittle.
  • I would insist that the Professional remove any tubes or evidence. You might have to repaint or use drywall spakle. The evidence must be removed for a few reasons, no need to fail the next termite inspection and cleaning it up looks better.
  • The holes they drilled should be filled in with cement, we scuff the area with a boot and then use a sanding block. The holes can also be somewhat matched with the surrounding concrete. Not perfectly but as close as you can.

Sewer Gas

SEWER GAS REALLY STINKS for property managers, facility engineers, Realtors and business owners because it:

  • Smells bad,
    • Bad smells = lost revenue from failed home sales, new leases and lease renewals
    • Smells Bad = lost revenue due to bad social media reviews from customers
    • Bad smells = lost revenue from time wasted fielding complaints by staff and customers alike
  • Irritates mucousa of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs,
    • Irritated mucosal membranes = Lost revenue from absenteeism and presentism due to infirm staff with headaches, eye irritation, sneezing, coughing and general malaise
  • Corrodes metal,
    • Corroded metal = malfunctioning smoke alarms and fire panels
    • Metals Corrode = Reduces lifespans for electronics like computers and televisions
    • Corroded metal = displeasing aesthetics for building finishes and contents
  • Is combustible,
    • Build-up of combustible gasses can lead to fires and explosions and the associated loss of life and property.
  • Smells like the additive to natural gas,
    • Methyl mercaptan from sewers in the living space = false claims of a natural gas leak, unnecessary building evacuations and eventually a “cry wolf” culture, where people will not take an actual natural gas leak seriously.
  • Means there’s unrestricted access for sewer critters,
    • Dry traps = unhindered access to the living space for cockroaches, sewer flies, etc.
  • and more.

Simple dry plumbing traps are the #1 cause of sewer gas infiltration.  

You could always avoid this issue by manually fill up traps with water every week. Or, you can say goodbye to dry plumbing traps and sewer gas infiltration for months by saying hello to patent pending SEWER GAS SOLUTIONS ™. Visit to learn more or to place an order today.

Our Sewer Gas Solutions ™ patent pending evaporation barrier product is intended specifically for use in unused or underused plumbing drains traps.  Fill the trap with water, pour our product in a quantity to completely cover the surface of the water, forget about that trap for 3-6 months (please don’t leave your buildings unattended for 3 months or more, because all sorts of other issues can occur).  (Snowbirds) Then, when the happy buyer/tenant moves in, they can start using the sink or toilet and other fixtures as normal and our product will eventually flush through.

Below are the product highlights. 

  • Say goodbye to dry plumbing traps & sewer gas infiltration by saying hello SEWER GAS SOLUTIONS (TM).
    • PU Productions was founded by two industry-leading scientists, a chemist, Paul V. Anderson and an environmental scientist, Derrick A. Denis, with nearly half a century of combined experience in indoor environmental quality (IEQ) investigations and testing.
    • After investigating thousands of complaints ranging from odors and headaches to perceived natural gas leaks and damaged building materials, the problem became crystal clear.
    • Evaporated plumbing traps and the resulting sewer gas infiltration are a common and costly bane to building occupants, managers and owners.
    • We dedicated ourselves to creating a simple-to-use and cost-effective solution to this problem.
    • Sewer Gas Solutions (TM) patent pending evaporation–inhibiting product is the result of over 5 years of research and development.
    • It provides an inexpensive, long-lasting and easy-to-use method to prevent trap water evaporation in commercial, residential and industrial plumbing traps including sinks, floor drains, tubs, showers, toilets and the like.
    • It is Green. It is compounded with Certified Organic ingredients and Natural Botanicals.  By preventing the need for trap primers or excessive trap filling, it saves water. 
    • It is not hazardous. The ingredients are used in foods, food processing, cosmetics, medicines and more. You could drink it without lasting ill effects (although this would result in loose stool). You could rub it on your skin and you would be moisturized and smell fragrant (but this is NOT RECOMENDED, as it is not the product intention).
    • Sewer Gas Solutions™:
      • Won’t damage pipes,
      • Won’t congeal into a pipe blocking mess,
      • Won’t cross react with common products that get poured in the drain (bleach, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, etc.),
      • Won’t grow bacterial and mold,
      • Won’t attract pests (in fact it inhibits them primarily by keeping the water in the trap that blocks them),
      • Works at normal Earth temperature ranges (Phoenix hot to Pinetop cold), 
    • It is easy to use and saves you money. Fill your trap with water, add some product, forget about that trap drying out for months. 
      • No more manually filling every week.
      • No more trap primer woes.
      • No more costly installations of valves or plugs that either get stuck closed and result in flooding when the water comes on or get stuck open and do no good at all.
      • AC on or off, vacant or occupied, summer or winter, Sewer Gas Solutions (TM) patent pending evaporation–inhibiting product is proven to work.
    • Visit to learn more.

Termites are different in Arizona.

The termites in Arizona act a bit different than the East Coast relatives, typically the Eastern Subterranean termites do damage without becoming visible. With that being said, nothing is certain and always simple, termites are termites and will often do what they want to do, not according to the book. The damage eventually becomes noticeable and then that is where it becomes a horror story.  The Western Subterranean termites will make mud tubes over the foundation or make little tubes in the drywood or make little exit type holes. The Eastern Sub’s  will make exit holes but in relation to swarming.

probestpestmanagementIMAG1088     probestpestmanagementIMAG1092

The Western Sub’s also make down tubes quite often, as the picture below shows. I have actually seen tubes over 5 foot long stretching almost back to the garage floor.



If you find signs, just call a Pest Management Professional and do some checking with the BBB or a referral  from a friend (Kudzu).

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