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Holes – Rodents – Those things that should live outside.

So what are all those holes around your home? No idea, could be rats, mice, spiders and/or snakes. Well it’s a good bet that you wil find out soon, either the temperature or the rain will probably draw them out. Or maybe you have seen something. Better call before they start scavenging for food especially if its rodents. They really like to gnaw on wires and pipes, that will cost more than the preventive treatment.

  • Check home for holes and entry points. Fix them
  • Check screens.
  • Check for fallen fruit.
  • Check garage door for entry points.
  • Call ProBest if you need an opinion 480-831-9328

Do you understand mice/rats/rodents?


You have heard me say this many times, I don’t work on my vehicle brakes because I don’t know anything about brakes but I know pests.

  • You must understand rodents; you must know their biology and their quirks. Do you know how far mice or rats travel from their home that is might be important in control?
  • How will you attack the situation, are you using traps or repeat devices or outside stations?
  • Have you purchased enough and what are you using?
  • Have you thought about consequences in using this equipment, is anybody at risk?

So before you decide to tackle this by yourself, maybe it might be inportant to call a Pro.

Rodent loved the bait so mush he never left.

Rodent loved the bait so mush he never left.



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