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You know theres trouble when ….


This story caught my attention because of the following – “The reports states the inspection was not completed because the “inspector was not feeling safe.” This story is out of Maryland and I was caught off guard when the inspector said he didn’t feel safe because he heard crying noises from a storage area.

I think all restaurants need to have pest control, I check bathrooms before I eat any out at any establishment. If the bathrooms are clean generally speaking so is the kitchen and prep areas. From my point of view we always get that call when it’s an emergency and it has gotten to the point of State Inspections. Now don’t get me wrong there are numerous great restaurants that understand the word -clean. But if you own a restaurant here are a few of my tips.

  1. Cleaning is a daily job, if the employee’s are taught right from the very first day and held accountable it will help.
  2. Set up specific duties on different days to accomplish goals. For example Monday – clean all deep fryers, Tuesday specifically clean under all stoves, pull out heavy items, Wednesday – use Biovade or grease eating scum products to prevent build up – making sure to keep drains full of water and clean, Thursday – clean pantry taking stock of all inventory and making sure to use first in first out premise and Friday – clean anything else specific to that restaurant and no taking off duties on weekends.
  3. Post duties and make sure it gets done.
  4. Management must be just as accountable as employee’s.
  5. Don’t tolerate bad behavior.
  6. Praise staff for cleaning excellence – especially if you pass inspections, I suggest a party after work or free food. If everyone buys in, the place will be clean and draw in more consumers.

Grease traps should be checked and evaluated monthly, along with drains and other areas of spillage.


Dirty Dining – Local coverage by KPHO

Dirty Dining – Local coverage by KPHO

One of the things that I love to do is eat and if I’m correct lots of people probably agree with me on this subject. Now with that being said what I dislike are the restaurants that don’t follow the right course of action when it comes to cleanliness. I absolutely think KPHO (Dirty Dining) is right on the money when they follow these stories and those restaurants should pay the price – no customers until they clean up their acts. The other thing I like about this series is that they also highlight the good guys as well.


Every week CBS 5 News is sent a list of restaurants that have been recently inspected by Maricopa County’s Environmental Services Dept. Thanks to KPHO for publishing the facts. Here is the way in which they are rated “Restaurant Ratings“.


30 days to nothing

30 days to nothing, the saga of a mouse…

30 days to nothing, the saga of a mouse…

 30 days to nothing-  OK to be candid with you I almost decided not to publish this dribble! Really the entire story just makes me sick and not because of the mouse but    what some people will do to cash in on a lawsuit. Remember that lady with the McDonald’s coffee years back, she put the coffee cup between her legs and it spilled and burned her. Well my point is you can’t fix stupid, I mentioned that often here but for God’s sake you know its HOT and you put it between your legs – please!!!

So as the story goes “Mountain Dew Can Dissolve a Mouse“, I think most of us have heard of Pepsi or Coke and how it can dissolve a penny. So grow and realize that most of these beverages are made of acidic materials. I drink Mountain Dew and will continue to because I like it and just because some guy thought he could pull a fast one doesn’t stop me from enjoying a Dew. Now I’m not an expert in the bottling industry but having seen some shows, bottles (if they even use them anymore) are washed out, upside down, rinsed and thoroughly disinfected and filled and closed with minutes, cans and plastic bottles are new even if recycled. I don’t think there is any opportunity for anything the size of a mouse to get into a production line these days.

So anyway don’t believe everything you hear, don’t worry about PepsiCo or Coca Cola (Coke). Read my recent home seal about Food Safety.

Here is another take on the Mouse versus the Dew from EHS Eco-Sensitive Pest Solutions from NorthEast USA.

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