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Buggy snacks – for real, no thanks well you should reconsider?


As Americans we often think of bugs and we scream or roll our eyes in disgust. I know people around the world have been eating bugs for years and our cave people probably had to eat them. A company in Denver, Colorado came up with an idea – to promote them in eye catching and funny packaging.

Will Americans buy bug snacks? Maybe… If they’re funny and cute.” As we approach 7 billion people around the world I think we need to really consider some new and novel ideas for food.


Check out these sites for some great ideas on insect funny food:,

“Free Food” After an initial bite, the review is in: “It tastes like coconut. Tastes like food, not like bugs.”


Photo by PPMA – Maybe a few ant eggs for dessert?

What can be done with scorpions?


Does it seem like those darn scorpions just won’t die? No matter what you do they continue to be on your property. The problem is that here in Arizona if the weather doesn’t get real cold everything just makes it through the winter.







So home seal your home, reduce the numbers by black lighting and reduce the food by performing monthly pest control.

Where did we get our big brains from?


There is new research that may indicate it was from hunting insects – “Insect diet may have resulted in humans big brains.”

The study provides support for an evolutionary theory that links the development of sensorimotor (SMI) skills, such as increased manual dexterity, tool use, and innovative problem solving, to the creative challenges of foraging for insects and other foods that are buried, embedded or otherwise hard to procure.


Photo by PPMA

Gag reflex on eating bugs, can we as humans get by this?


Are insect farms the urban farms we need to feed the cities?”  Just imagine the possibilities of giant urban farms capable of raising protein without all the issues of methane gas or excrement in abundance.

I’m sure that this is something we just need to get past, the creepy yuck factor of eating bugs. I for one would probably eat bugs faster than I could eat rodents.


Photo by PPMA (cicadas)

Boys will eat anything, even bugs!


One of the employee’s here at ProBest Pest Management (Andon) was called to be a Scoutmaster at his ward. First off let me say I’m extremely proud of Andon and his commitment to Scouting. Andon never made it to Eagle Scout – he got to Life but he has three boys so I’m crossing my fingers. Scout Troop 835 Gladiators

probestpestmanagementNCM_0107     probestNCM_0108

So they decided to watch Bear Gryll’s and try eating some crickets and larvets (meal-worms). They come in some tasty little treats and flavors like Bacon & Cheddar, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion and Mexican Spice & BBQ. We do sell them at our office or you can check them out at

Amazing facts about eating bugs….


It takes over 2,000 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef but only 1 gallon of water to produce one pound of many insects.

That is one amzing fact and I think we should start to consider this as a factor in the global market. Pretty soon the number of people will far outweigh what we can possibly grow to feed them all. “We eat bugs, You should too.

20_German Cockroaches on Crackers

Photo by PPMA

You know theres trouble when ….


This story caught my attention because of the following – “The reports states the inspection was not completed because the “inspector was not feeling safe.” This story is out of Maryland and I was caught off guard when the inspector said he didn’t feel safe because he heard crying noises from a storage area.

I think all restaurants need to have pest control, I check bathrooms before I eat any out at any establishment. If the bathrooms are clean generally speaking so is the kitchen and prep areas. From my point of view we always get that call when it’s an emergency and it has gotten to the point of State Inspections. Now don’t get me wrong there are numerous great restaurants that understand the word -clean. But if you own a restaurant here are a few of my tips.

  1. Cleaning is a daily job, if the employee’s are taught right from the very first day and held accountable it will help.
  2. Set up specific duties on different days to accomplish goals. For example Monday – clean all deep fryers, Tuesday specifically clean under all stoves, pull out heavy items, Wednesday – use Biovade or grease eating scum products to prevent build up – making sure to keep drains full of water and clean, Thursday – clean pantry taking stock of all inventory and making sure to use first in first out premise and Friday – clean anything else specific to that restaurant and no taking off duties on weekends.
  3. Post duties and make sure it gets done.
  4. Management must be just as accountable as employee’s.
  5. Don’t tolerate bad behavior.
  6. Praise staff for cleaning excellence – especially if you pass inspections, I suggest a party after work or free food. If everyone buys in, the place will be clean and draw in more consumers.

Grease traps should be checked and evaluated monthly, along with drains and other areas of spillage.


Don’t believe everything you read!


I know this is correct , cause  just week I read a report published by Abraham Lincoln on why he didn’t trust the internet. I think all of us play a hand in what is and isn’t truthful on the internet and I get called weekly where someone says I read the internet and blah, blah blah. I had a customer a year or so ago, tell me emphatically that Bed Bugs can jump out of a dumpsters. The only way that Bed Bug is getting out of that dumpster is if someone jumps in there and removes something. By the way that dumpster was in the direct sunlight and in the middle of the summer it would probably die within hours from our heat.

One more thing that just gets me, is when we jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. Remember that honeybee thing a year ago, was it cell towers or was it pesticides, or was it global warming? Well no one knew for sure but everyone with their own agendas were posting the blame everywhere. If the bee issue is caused by something, then we need to investigate quickly and stop the problem. I believe the E.U. stopped the use of neonicotinoids before all the data was in, but anyway I ran across an excellent article from Alan Caruba  “Another Environmental Lie Exposed: Bees are thriving.”

What do pesticides do? They protect us against trillions of insect and rodent pests that spread diseases while some represent millions in property damage—termites—every year.

So here is what I suggest, lets get the facts before we run off to damage an industry that contributes to Public Health and the betterment of our lives. Remember that mosquitoes continue to kill over a million people each year and rodents contaminate and damage grains and food.



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